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Welcome to the magical Istria!

Istra ( Istria ), the largest Croatian peninsula, is like an island full of treasures waiting to be discovered. Its rocky coast reaches from the Kvarner Bay on the east to the Trieste Bay in the west and Istria's enchanted state of the Mediterranean spirit lures travelers and tourists with its hospitality. There are many suppositions about the origin of the name of Istria but most likely originates from the Illyrian tribe called Histri that used to live in these areas before the Roman conquest.

Istra ( Istria ) is on the 45th parallel, precisely halfway from the North Pole to the equator.
Life here is lived in two ways, in two climate with average insolation of 2400 hours a year, providing the mild Mediterranean climate. Plava Istra ( Blue Istria ) is an area along the coast of the Adriatic Sea, and Zelena Istra ( Green Istria ) is an interior - complementing each other harmoniously.
Administrative center is Pazin with population of 9 000 but the economic center and the largest Istrian town is Pula with 60 000 inhabitants.

Old Romans had a good reason to call Istra ( Istria ) the king's larder but there is more…

Friday, 13.5.2016. - 31.10.2016.
Opatija Riviera Activities - Things To Do

For best things to do in Croatia, activities, adventure tours, activities for kids and much more visit our partner

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Delta, RijekaThursday, 14.7.2016. - 28.2.2017.
The giants of Patagonia traveling dinosaur exibition in Rijeka

From 14 of july in Rijeka, Export-drvo warehouse on Delta is hosting the biggest, most authentic southern hemisphere dinosaur exibition.

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Le Mandrac, VoloskoSaturday, 27.8.2016. - 28.8.2016.
 The Mandrać international painting competition

For the last few decades, the Mandrać international painting competition has been presenting the most valuable aspect of the art – the act of creation, which takes place directly in front of visitors and fellow artists. This is an "ex tempore" painting competition where artworks are created "on the spot" and which every year attracts numerous artists and art lovers to Volosko. The event lasts for two days: the first day is dedicated to children up to the age of 14, and the second day to their older colleagues in amateur and professional categories. The best works win valuable awards, and the event ends with a concert in the small harbour of Volosko.

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RijekaTuesday, 6.9.2016. - 13.9.2016.
Ri Gastro Squid week

Ri Gastro with partner restaurants from region of Rijeka and Opatija is inviting You to Squid week.

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RijekaFriday, 16.9.2016. - 17.9.2016.
Music festival Hartera 2016

Friday 16.09.2016 - Rock day - 30 kn entrance

Saturday 17.09.2016 - Electro day - 30 kn entrance

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Hotel Kvarner, OpatijaSunday, 18.9.2016. 20:30
Sound of the Island

Imperial College Symphony Orchestra is the College's flagship orchestra, performing to the very highest standard. ICSO is rightly regarded as one of the best university orchestras in the UK, becoming "University Orchestra of the Year" in 2008.

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Hotel Kvarner, OpatijaSaturday, 24.9.2016.
Viennese Ball

The culmination of Vienna Week is the gala Viennese Ball in the Crystal Hall of the Hotel Kvarner, where numerous tourists

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OpatijaSunday, 4.9.2016.
10th Učka's Fair

Every year, more than 10,000 visitors come to the Poklon Pass on Mount Učka, to choose from the wide range of traditional products offered by local producers

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OpatijaMonday, 19.9.2016. - 24.9.2016.
Viennese Week in Opatija

Two of Europe's centres of culture and tourism, Vienna and Opatija, continue their long relationship based on a mutual historical, social and cultural heritage.

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Hotel Kvarner, OpatijaThursday, 22.9.2016. 20:30

PURPUR IN JEANS is a „classical“ tribute to all genres that have to bear comparison with the so-called serious music – a tribute to the high-quality popular music and other traditional pieces from all over Europe. A melange deriving from classically educated musicians and virtuous street musicians, which performs a programme that was arranged especially for purpur. Virtuous “world music” instrumented and interpreted in a totally new way! A unique „orchestral language“ – well beyond cross-over!

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Josef ResselLogo of Motovun Film Festival - The Propeller, is the invention of Joseph Ressel, who lived in Motovun as manager of state forests in Istria, and there he wrote "The plan for the re-forestation of municipal land in Istria" (1842.). Ressel got the patent for marine propeller in 1827., and the first boat with his invention was launched in 1839. Only after his death world recognised him as the first inventor of ship's propeller. Josef Ressel's invention became a logo of MFF and immediately won the Grand Prix FESTO'99 and worldwide popularity. The lower square in Motovun is named after him.

Istra (Istria) - Town Fairs

Istra (Istria) - Town FairsIstra (Istria) has a centuries-old tradition of trade fairs which Istrian towns keep alive. Fairs are places where people trade, meet, communicate, have fun as always…

Bale, Barban – 2nd Saturday
Buzet – 1st Friday and 3rd Thursday
Labin – 3rd Wednsday
Motovun – 3rd Monday
Pazin – 1st Tuesday
Svetvinčenat – 3rd Saturday
Višnjan - 1st Thursday
Vodnjan – 1st Saturday
Žminj - 2nd Wednesday and St. Bartol's Fair – last Saturday in August
Pula – every Saturday in Ciscutti St. the fair of antiquities, numismatics and collectibles
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