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Luglio 2010.

Villa Club, PorečVenerdì, 16.7.2010. 22:30 - 17.7.2010. 05:30
DJ LATIN PRINCE (L.A - USA) @ Villa Club

DJ Latin Prince is now currently the new National Director of Mix Show West Coast, Universal Records, Motown, Los Angeles. Among the artist that he is currently working with are Lil’ Wayne, Ali & Gipp, Penelope Jones, Chamillionaire, 216, Remy Martin and many others.
DJ Latin Prince still mixes, and tours worldwide. This Friday he'll make your night in Villa Club, Porec, Istria!

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GURU Cocktail and Lounge Bar, UmagVenerdì, 16.7.2010. 22:00 - 17.7.2010. 03:00
SUMMER HOUSE SESSIONS @ GURU Cocktail and Lounge Bar

DJ BarZu
Shadow Dancers

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House of Croatian defenders, PulaVenerdì, 16.7.2010. 22:00

With "Four Free" anything can happen. These musicians are so completely at home in the world of spontaneity, that they may shift gears and change roads without warning and end up in another musical universe before the piece finds it's end. The wild electric sounds of Adrien Dennefeld's guitar, Chris Jarrett's expressive compositions and piano improvisations, Jérôme Fohrer's playfully jazzy bass, and the inimitable rhythms of Pascal Gully make for a charged and powerful music, with a truly unique sound and lot's of humor.

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PorečMercoledì, 14.7.2010. - 25.8.2010.
Jazz in lapidarium

Jazz in Lap 2010
7. 07. Mike Sponza – voice, guitar (ITA) / Mauro Tolot – bass / Moreno Buttinar – drums / Gost / Guest: J. C. Cicaux – guitar
14. 07. Andreas Orberg ( jazz gitara) (SWE/HR) / Tonči Grabušić - drums / Henry Radanović - bass guitar
21.07. Gwen Hughes + International Gang (USA/SLO/HR/IT)
Gwen Hughes – vocal / Žiga Stanonik – guitar, vocal / Marko Crncec – keyboards / Giovanni Toffoloni – bass / Tomi Purich – drums / Sax + truba - guests
28.07. Anders Bergkrantz - trumpet (SWE/HR/MK) /Ratko Zjaca - Electric, acoustic guitar / Martin Gjakonovski - acoustic bass / Ratko Divjak- drums

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UmagMartedì, 13.7.2010. - 16.7.2010.
umaGOblues festival

.. from 13. - 16.07.2010. .. Umag .. Istra .. Croatia
13. - 16.07.2010. come all to THE blues festival in Umag, Istra !
Music will be played by: JASON RICCI & NEW BLOOD, MICHAEL ROACH & JOHNNY MARS, VLATKO STEFANOVSKI, S.A.R.S., DAMIR HALL & WALTER LUPPI, Damir Jurković Charly, Vervet, Hot Club De Istra, Blues Train, V2, Fire Up Laboratory, Negative, Predrag Marić ... Photography exhibition & auction by Alan Messer & Petar Kurschner !!

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FažanaDomenica, 11.7.2010. 20:00
Festa od kuzine

An excursion to Fažana takes us to the Cooking party (Fešta od kužine) where the door opens and the secrets of the old fireplaces and stoves enfold. Maneštra, a traditional pasta dish, has its place of honour. The occasional Maneštra Festival is a tribute to the evergreen of cooking. The dishes such as fuži (homemade pasta), dumplings and lasagnes are definitely worth mentioning. The Fažana chefs will offer various pasta dishes and the visitors of these festivities will joyfully join the finalizing of business at the table

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Domenica, 11.7.2010.

DATE - 11.07. SUNDAY
10:00 PULA (PORT- nearby CATHEDRAL) 20:00
12:00 ROVINJ (VALDIBORA) 19:00
ROUTE SCHEDULE: Pula - Rovinj - LIM CHANNEL - Porec - Rovinj - Pula
POWERD BY VOGUE OCCHIALI - sweepstakes with rich rewards, Hats, shirts, Backpacks and main AWARD - sunglasses

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Girandella Beach, RabacSabato, 10.7.2010. 22:00 - 11.7.2010. 06:00
 House feelings 4U

Saturday 10th July on at the well-known location "Beach Girandella" in Rabac, Istria, there will be a musical event titled " House feelings 4U", organized by DIFFERENT. On the House Floor in the pool will perform: Mr. Marley, My Man, Anderej&Dropi, Daniel Jay and Lucca C, who will try to keep this musical event at the beautiful memories . Event starts at 10PM, and it's expected to end around 6 am. Ticket is 40 HRK.

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Club Byblos, PorečVenerdì, 9.7.2010. 23:00 - 10.7.2010. 05:00
[1605] Freakshows | Summer 2010

[1605] Freakshows | Summer 2010
Mauro Picotto
Marco Bailey
Tomy DeClerque

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Night club "Shakakha", RovinjVenerdì, 9.7.2010. 22:00 - 10.7.2010.
Peers & Peers festival @ Shakakha, Rovinj, ISTRA

FRIDAY 09.07.10 Funk floor: Dom Servini (AUT) / Dieter Shaerf (CH)
House floor: Jef K (FRA) / Pat Heart (CH)/ Fryer (CRO) / DJ Peers (F.UK)
Techno floor:Colin Dale (UK) / Kiko (FRA) / Electronic badminton king (SLO) / dulash der dj (SLO) / da disko don(SLO)/ Miro (CRO)
SATURDAY10.07.10 Reggae floor: Ziggi Mastah (SLO)/ DJ Caj (SLO)
Hip Hop stage: Joe Driscoll (USA) live / Tido Berman (FRA) live/ DJ Sense (CRO)
Drum n Bass floor: Rooty 340 ( SPA) / Lucid ( FRA) / Filip motovunski (CRO) / Prime (SLO) / Rotten (CRO) ENTRY: 70 kn - ONE-DAY TICKET..... 100 kn - TWO DAYS TICKET

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