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Luglio 2010.

Mojito Club, RovinjVenerdì, 9.7.2010. 17:00 - 30.7.2010. 05:00
After Beach Party @ Mojito Club

Mojito Club starts its serial of AFTER BEACH PARTIES!!!
This weekend you' ll be able to enjoy our beautiful pool with a promo price of Aperol Spritz for 20kn!!! + 2 Horny Hostesses
Come & join us, cause the after beach parties will go on EVERY DAY....
The fun starts at 5 PM !!!
DJ's /// J & D (a.k.a. Paolo Kalebić) //// BarZu (Contrast Records)

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PorečVenerdì, 9.7.2010. - 11.7.2010.
1. Valamar Jazz Festival

Venerdi, 09. Luglio 2010
* Claudia Acuna
* Dave Holland & Pepe habichuela Flamenco Project
Sabato, 10 Luglio 2010
* Edward Simon Trio
* Dianne Reeves
Domenica, 11 Luglio 2010
* Maurice Brown Quintet
* Abraham Inc..

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MomjanVenerdì, 9.7.2010.
In the Muscat Empire

International Muscat Wine Festival and Tasting

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Club Punta Christo, ŠtinjanGiovedì, 8.7.2010. - 11.7.2010.

Live: PROTONICA (IONO Music); JOURNEY (Free-Spirit Records); KLOPFGEISTER (IONO Music); EGORYTHMIA (IONO Music); PION (Ultra Groove rec. ); FLOOTING GROOVES (Peak Records); BITPULSE (HeadroomProductions); SYNAPTIC (Headroom Productions/Listen&Enjoy); ELEKTRIBE (Future Lovers); DREAMING SUN (Suduaya); SUDUAYA (Aboriginal Recordings); PLASMA CORP. (Plusquam Records); IVANA; MANMACHINE (Geomagnetic Records)
At The Decks: PROTONICA (IONO Music); JAY OM (Free-Spirit Records); KLOPFGEISTER (IONO Music); MAYA (Technoexperience); ALEZZARO (Progressive Selection); O.M.S.(ElectronicDopeRec./Headroom); HERMIT (Namaste Club); PION (Ultra Groove rec. ); MERLIN (TesseracTstudio); VAL VASHAR (Zenon Rec., Ministarstvo Psihodelije); IVANA; NAVEEN ( Vaporvent Rec.,Night Oracle Rec. ) ; TYMA (DancingDragon); DOVLA ( Interchill ); ZVUK & MAGICA (Apsurdistan); ALI-SHANTI (AtomicPsy); PILA (Ministarstvo Psihodelije); BARUN PEACE DEFENDER (Ministarstvo Psihodelije); PIPAL (Ministarstvo Psihodelije); INDRA (Ministarstvo Psihodelije) ; SURADHIN (Going Mainstream); DUFF; NARD (Psycordia); RADICAL FUSION (Psycordia); DAPEACE (Chaotic Beats); MOZZA (Chaotic Beats); MILOSH (ChaoticBeats); MARINO (Metamedia); NESHO (Marsroom); ALEN (Marsroom); SALE (Marsroom); OBEAH (Marsroom); DALTON (TranceTeleport); DAMIAN (Insane Beats); RIO & S.D.FACT (Life Celebration);
PSYBORG (Life Celebration); MICHELL (Life Celebration); KENN (Life Celebration);
MATIJAS&MATEJ+friends(Distorzija); CUiCH (PSYDEZERO@DiGiTAL.ASYLUM); SEGY (Life Celebration); GROF (Life Celebration); SURJA (Life Celebration); ARKIN (Life Celebration); BOJAN (Independent); TEDDY-LEE (Independent); RAJKO (Independent)+++++++++++++++++++Deco:FLUFFY FLOWERS: RADKA: ALEN (Marsroom); MEHO(LCF); Visuals: ZEKO & ANA
Location: FORT PUNTA CHRISTO (10 km from Pula)
TICKETS: 1 DAY: 15 Euro, 2 DAYS: 30 Euro, 3 DAYS: 35 Euro
At the gate: 45 Euro

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Hotel Monte Mulini, RovinjMercoledì, 7.7.2010. 21:00
Kurt Elling Live Show

The unique venue of the luxury Monte Mulini hotel and enjoy an exclusive live performance by Kurt Elling, one of the most famous jazz musicians and Grammy winner for Best Jazz Vocal Album “Dedicated to You”.

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TC STELLA MARIS, UmagMercoledì, 7.7.2010. - 9.7.2010.
Martial Arts Festival “Mega Fight”

Martial Arts Festival "Mega Fight" – International festival of martial arts

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DayLight Cocktail Bar, UmagLunedì, 5.7.2010. 15:00 - 7.7.2010. 05:00
DAYLIGHT: 6th Croatia Flair Open

Come at 6th Croatia Flair Open on monday and tuesday 05.and 06. of July. Qualification round will be on Monday in Daylight Beach Club, starting at 15:00h. The final night will be on Tuesday at 22:00h in Cocktail Bar Daylight.
This year we proudly present the first competition for girls, starting on Monday at 22:00h in Cocktail Bar Daylight. This spectacular night will present for you MC Luka Bulić. ... Come and enjoy with us

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GrožnjanDomenica, 4.7.2010. - 2.8.2010.
Jazz festival: Jazz is Back!

This year as well, the traditional Jazz festival under the direction of Boško Petrović will host numerous renowned names of world’s jazz music at the popular Balvan City of Grožnjan. FREE ENTRY!
10.7. - Uroš Perić - Tribute to Ray Charles
11.7. - Surf in Stereo
12.7. - Sir Oliver Mally's Blues Destilery
13.7. - Mirokado
14.7. - Nebo & Downstrokes
15.7. - Ricardo Luque & Aldemaromania
16.7. - Mojitology + Ocho Rios
17.7. - Dixieland Band Čakovec
18.7. - Etno Croatia

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PulaSabato, 3.7.2010. 22:00 - 4.7.2010. 04:00
Beck's Perience presents BOAT PARTY vol 2 @ Pula

PARTY BOAT & Beck's sail again on 3rd of July at 22h (ship Domagoj)! Entry to the ship is 200 kn, including all the night drinks. Bar is open 22-04.

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Club Byblos, PorečSabato, 3.7.2010. 22:00
Now You Dance 2010

Every Saturday you can dance and have a great time in Byblos, Poreč enjoying the NOW YOU DANCE program!

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