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Ottobre 2011.

HumDomenica, 30.10.2011. 12:00 - 23:00
11th Review of Istrian Grappa

The largest number of producers of traditionally made brandy are in northern and central Istria. You can taste their masterpieces at the brandy exhibit that is organized every year in Hum - the smallest town in the world. Such brandy is most often made from grape marc into which aromatic and medicinal herbs or different fruit are added. The most popular types of grape-brandy are rue and mistletoe brandy, but there are numerous other sorts as well: with honey, St. John's wort, sour cherries, mint, walnuts…

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Monvi Centro, RovinjSabato, 29.10.2011. 22:00 - 30.10.2011. 06:00

ETIKETA RECORDS present HALLOWEEN 2011 @ Gallery Club, Monvi Centar (29.10.2011.)
PSYCHOPATHS (Lemon vs. Mark Ash)
Visualization: VJ ANA
Entry: 60 kn

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Gymnasium, KaštelirSabato, 29.10.2011. 22:00 - 30.10.2011. 01:00

Saturday, 29.10. is reserved for the currently biggest star - the pop queen Jelena Rozga!
Opening act: Replay
Dj Marko Londero!
After party: La Kabana until the morning!
Tickets for the concert will go on sale on the day of the concert. Ticket price is 70.00 kn

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Saint & Sinner, PorečSabato, 29.10.2011. 22:00 - 30.10.2011. 04:00
Halloween Night 2011

Halloween Night
Resident Dj: S.A.L.L.E.
+ A surprise guest
+ Extra winter offers and prices
+ Sexy Hostess

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SvetvinčenatSabato, 29.10.2011.
New Wine Festivity

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Mercoledì, 26.10.2011. - 2.11.2011.
Dancing with the Stars

Dance show with world leaders in the Latino-American dances Alice Guschelbauer and Balázs Ekker.

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Max Magnus, PazinSabato, 22.10.2011. 23:00 - 23.10.2011. 05:00

23h-01h DJ/MC RASHEED (It's A Dubstep Thing-Novi Sad)
01h-03h DJ RAHMANEE (JungleXpeditions/BPM Rec-Beograd)
03h-05h FILIP MOTOVUNSKI (JungleXpeditions-Motovun)
Entry: 30 kn (free beer or mead)

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Monvi, EL PRESIDENTE DISCO CLUB, RovinjSabato, 22.10.2011. 21:00 - 23.10.2011. 05:00

After the last wild weekend at the club El Presidente continues in the same tone, to party even better! Prepare for a hot house rhythms, fun team, promotional price of drinks, sexy dancers ... All you need to warm up your autumn!

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TinjanVenerdì, 21.10.2011. - 23.10.2011.
Traditional International Prosciutto Fair - ISAP 2011

Home-made Istrian prosciutto fair
The home-made Istrian prosciutto has been the most valuable product and the one the Istrian gastronomic offer has been most proud of. Prosciutto has been considered and recognized as a symbol of perfection, the Istrian people call it vijulin, meaning violin. It has earned its royal status due to its taste, smell, colour, the right softness and freshness. Its prestigious position among gourmets it owes to its producers strictly following the traditional rules. In its honour the Municipality of Tinjan traditionally organizes the International Prosciutto Fair - ISAP.

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House of Croatian defenders, PulaVenerdì, 21.10.2011. - 23.10.2011.
Hand Made Fest

9th festival of handicrafts, imagination and design
A visit to this lively festival shouldn't be missed since it brings together at one place handicraftsmen, freelance artists, artisans, hobbyists, designers, decorators, producers, creative workshops and all other creative artists whose task is to present "on the spot" a creative item or product - unique piece of jewelry, clothing, ornaments, souvenirs, furniture, paintings, but also the art of body painting, hair-styling, massage, etc. Be sure to express your own creativity at one of the many organized workshops – drawing, silk painting, making jewelry from various material...

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