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Ottobre 2011.

PulaMercoledì, 19.10.2011. - 22.10.2011.
Pula Boat Fair 2011

International exhibition of nautical equipment
Organizer: Motortech Consulting

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FažanaDomenica, 16.10.2011. 12:00 - 16:00
Fažana's delights and delicacies

Spider crab dishes, Istrian sausages and boneless pork loin ("ombolo")

Fažana's delights and delicacies - soles and mushrooms along with the tasting of Istrian wine, olive oil, cheese, honey..., gastronomy festival at Fažana’s waterfront and in the restaurants of Fažana and Valbandon

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DISCOTHEQUE MAGNUS, PazinSabato, 15.10.2011. 20:00 - 16.10.2011. 05:00

OUTDOOR STAGE: TBF (Pistaccio Metallic)
Entry: 30 kn

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Disco club Placa, NedešćinaSabato, 15.10.2011. 18:00 - 16.10.2011. 06:00
October 16th Party  with Jelena Rozga

This year's festival program is even better and more interesting, and climax is certainly a free concert of Croatian Queen of pop music - Jelena Rozga.
In the club: Dj Nikola z Kukurini
in a tent: Dj Daniel ...
Admission free before midnight.

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OprtaljSabato, 15.10.2011.
Chestnut Feast 2011

Castanea sativa or the chestnut fruit is moderately sweet and has a high nutritive value. In gastronomy, it is used for preparation various delicacies, purees, cakes, bread or chestnut soups, and you simply have to try them baked. There is a folk tale that it is a lucky charm to pick three chestnuts and carry them with you all the time.

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RabacGiovedì, 6.10.2011. - 10.10.2011.
Argentinean Tango Festival

Argentinean tango workshops during the day at three teaching levels: beginner, medium and advanced, under the guidance of international instructors. The evening hours are reserved for dance parties.

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Sabato, 1.10.2011. - 2.10.2011.

Bar floor / inna reggae ska dubstep surprise:
FETTI (Pula)
OSHOR (Pula)
Grotlo / Hell-Hole floor / inna techno house:
BEBETTO (Pula, Monvi Center)
SERGEJ (Zagreb, Sirup/Homemade/Burek)
ARSZENIK (Rijeka, Sirup/Hartera)

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Istra (Istria) - Town Fairs

Istra (Istria) - Town FairsIstra (Istria) has a centuries-old tradition of trade fairs which Istrian towns keep alive. Fairs are places where people trade, meet, communicate, have fun as always…

Bale, Barban – 2nd Saturday
Buzet – 1st Friday and 3rd Thursday
Labin – 3rd Wednsday
Motovun – 3rd Monday
Pazin – 1st Tuesday
Svetvinčenat – 3rd Saturday
Višnjan - 1st Thursday
Vodnjan – 1st Saturday
Žminj - 2nd Wednesday and St. Bartol's Fair – last Saturday in August
Pula – every Saturday in Ciscutti St. the fair of antiquities, numismatics and collectibles
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