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Giugno 2011.

UmagVenerdì, 24.6.2011. - 26.6.2011.
Kanegra Beach Festival 2011

UMEK (1605/Slo)
MARKO NASTIC (Recon Warriors/Srb)
PETAR DUNDOV (Music Man/Cro)
DEJAN MILICEVIC (Recon Warriors/Srb)
LEMON (Balance FM/Cro)
MATTHEW HOAG (Plastic City/Slo)
UNIQUE (TNG Productions/Cro)
MARK ASH (Balance FM/Cro)
VLADIMIR ACIC (Respect Djs/Srb)
KAYKAY (Colours/Slo)
SERAPHIM CODEX (Proton Production/Cro)
BEBETTO (Monvi Center/Cro)
DEEP MARSHALL (TNG Productions/Cro)

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AMPHITHEATRE IN PULA, PulaGiovedì, 23.6.2011. 21:00

On June 23rd, 2011, tourist hot-spot Pula with its famous Amphitheater will once again have the honor to be the first to host the National Tour of the most amazing theatrical spectacle in recent Croatian history – Footloose the Musical – Broadway and West End phenomenon Energetic ensemble of 30 newly discovered triple threats (singers, dancers, actors) consist of several stars from Croatian version of TV shows American Idol and America's Got Talent. All ofthe performers including the band have been chosen at open auditions throughout Croatia.

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SvetvinčenatGiovedì, 23.6.2011. 20:00

At Thursday, the 23rd June, in Svetvičenat sings the legendary and inimitable singer Oliver Dragojevic with a backing band Dupini. Guests of the concerts are Koktelsi.
Ticket price:
Sitting: 90.00 kn
Standing: 50.00 kn

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Zamaski DolGiovedì, 23.6.2011. 17:00 - 20:00
Exhibition of agricultural products Zamask 2011

You are invited to the traditional Exhibition of agricultural products Zamask 2011. Come and taste award-winning olive oils, wines, cheese, cottage cheese, liqueurs, fruits and much more ...

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TarGiovedì, 23.6.2011. - 26.6.2011.
Naturist Meeting ‘Alpe-Adria 2011'

Tar-Vabriga, Naturist center Solaris
The Croatian Naturist’s Society and INF are organisers of the Naturist Meeting ‘Alpe-Adria 2011’. The Solaris Naturist Resort awaits you with a rich sports and entertainment program

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SošićiGiovedì, 23.6.2011.
6th Memorial football tournament "Marino Sosic"

Traditional, 6th Memorial football tournament "Marino Sosic" will be held on 23rd June 2011 at the legendary football field in Sosici. Besides entertainment and superb soccer game, for the most successful teams are prepared the rich rewards.

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MedulinGiovedì, 23.6.2011.

Performance and Roman feast in hotel Arcus.
During the summer months Vižula peninsula with its valuable archaeological site will be the venue for performances "Crispo". This play deals with the destiny of Crisp, son of Emperor Constantine and his first wife Minervina, who was killed at Vižula in Medulin in 326 BC. After the performance Roman feast - hotel Arcus.

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The Open Air Summer Theater, OpatijaMercoledì, 22.6.2011. 21:30
Antonella Ruggiero - concert

Antonella Ruggiero wiil perform on the Open air Summer stage on Wensday 22nd June at 21,30pm.

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SvetvinčenatMercoledì, 22.6.2011. 20:00
Klapa Concert

Tomislav Bralić & Klapa Intrade, Hurt, Klapa Cambi, Klapa Sv. Florian and Vinko Coce will humor your heart and compel you to sing aloud the old Dalmatian songs!
Guests: Koktelsi

Tickets: standing: 80.00 kn / Seating: 120.00 kn

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Chiesa di San Francesco, RovinjMercoledì, 22.6.2011.

Baroque pearls

Baroque pearls: Camerata Garestin; Dani Bošnjak (flute), Ivana Lazar (soprano); Krešimir Lazar (baroque violoncello); Krešimir Has (cembalo)

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