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Luglio 2011.

MomjanVenerdì, 8.7.2011.
In the kingdom of Muškat wine

International Muscat Wine Festival and Tasting
Momjan is irresistible due to muscat of Momjan, the white grapevine variety which grows in the limited area of Momjan, at the altitude of 200 to 350 m. You can try the emperor's muscat from the Momjan area at the manifestation to its honour at a beautiful location near the mediaeval Momjan castle. While tasting the muscat of Momjan, where the wine is offered to the guests by the MUSCATeers dressed in MUSCATeer's uniforms, one may see a special programme with the historic presentation of Momjan and its surroundings.

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Saint & Sinner, PorečVenerdì, 8.7.2011. - 10.7.2011.
Saint & Sinner Weekend

FRIDAY 8.7.2011
Resident Dj : S.A.L.L.E.
Bongos e congas performance : EDIN HALITI
Sexy Dancers
SATURDAY 9.7.2011
Resident Dj : S.A.L.L.E
Bongos e congas performance : EDIN HALITI
Sexy Dancers

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PulaGiovedì, 7.7.2011. - 10.7.2011.

Psychedelic Trance Festival
FORT PUNTA CHRISTO (10 km from Pula) 07-10 Jul 2011
LIVE (both floors,together);
ANDROMEDA (Dreamvisionmedia) Sweden
JOURNEY (Free-Spirit Records) Italy-UK
MIDIMAL (Echoes rec.) Switzerland
CHROMOSOME (Dreamvisionmedia) Sweden
SOUL SURFER (Yellow sunshine explosion) Sweden
PION (unsigned) Serbia
ELEKTRIBE (Kroton Sounds) Serbia
MAN MACHINE (Geomagnetic Records) Serbia
PLASMA CORP. (Plusquam Records) Croatia
SOLAR KID (TesseracTstudio) Serbia
TRISPANGLE (Manx Rippers) UK
MAGNETIK (Tactal Hots Music /Soundmute Recordings) Serbia
TOOFAR (ARmazonex family) Croatia

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SvetvinčenatGiovedì, 7.7.2011. - 9.7.2011.

During three days, hundreds of costumed participants - noblemen, knights, archers, horsemen, medieval ladies vividly displays the everyday life of the historical period - the camp of the knights, the battle between knights, cavalry tournaments, the Inquisition, the night of the siege Morosini-Grimani castle with catapults, fireballs .. .

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Aruba Club, PulaMercoledì, 6.7.2011. 17:00 - 21:00

For all fans of club music in Aruba club will hold a program - Party League Croatia, which starts this summer with an extremely attractive projects across the Croatia..
Will keep you entertained several DJs. With a team of musicians travel promoters, who will surely be a real animators for great entertainment this attractive holiday - fun action!
Admission is free!

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PorečMercoledì, 6.7.2011. - 9.7.2011.
2nd Valamar Jazz Festival

The second Valamar Jazz Festival will be held in Porec from July 6 to July 9. The stars of the world jazz will perform on the stages at different location, starting with the lapidarium of the Cunty Museum. The main program will be held in Euphrasian Basilica and again on the island of Sv. Nikola, while the beautiful Vila Polesini has been reserved for after-parties. Make sure you're a part of the second Valamar Jazz Festival!
July 6th Massimo Savić Sings Standards
July 7th Tamara Obrovac / Richard Galliano
July 8th Miguel Zenón / Tania Maria
July 9th Tom Harrell / Nils Landgren

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AMPHITHEATRE IN PULA, PulaMartedì, 5.7.2011.
Seal - the commitment tour

Commitment, is the seventh studio album by British Nigerian singer Seal. It was released worldwide on 20 September 2010. It debuted at number eleven on the UK Albums Chart, becoming Seal's highest charting album on the chart since Seal IV in 2003.
Ticket Price:
250,00 kn - until 31.5.2011.
280,00 kn - from 1. 6.2011.

Price for VIP tickets:
300,00 kn - until 31.5.2011.
330,00 kn - from 1. 6.2011.

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TC STELLA MARIS, UmagLunedì, 4.7.2011. - 9.7.2011.
7th European Beach Handball Championships for Seniors

Umag is hosting the European Beach Handball Championships for Seniors.
This days-long sports event awaits you at the Stella Maris ATP Stadium. Be a part of this exciting sport!

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SvetvinčenatDomenica, 3.7.2011. 15:00 - 21:00
Lavender Fest

Svetvinčenat, Sq. "kod sterne"
A Mediterranean plant that has grown in Istria since times immemorial, lavender is highly appreciated for its medicinal and aromatherapeutic properties. Svetvinčenat invites you to learn more about lavender and its many products, decorations and essential oils. Lavender Day is a whole-day event. It begins with an organized tour of the lavender fields at Pekici, followed by the opening of the fair and a performance by the Svetvinčenat Cultural and Performing Society. Meet lavender growers at the presentation of products made from lavender and medicinal herbs, as well as other indigenous Istrian products. An art workshop and a terracotta workshop will be organized for children.

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LOS AMIGOS - Mexican bar, RovinjSabato, 2.7.2011. 23:00 - 3.7.2011. 02:00

Three people, lots of grooves and the experience which does not borders with brains, but only with a mad imagination!
Roberto Ciceran aka Simon Moon - PERCUSSION
Dj Costaaa aka Dario Bosnjak - DJ
Dacho or Darko Žiković - SAXOPHONE

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