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Marzo 2012.

UčkaSabato, 31.3.2012. 11:00
68th Anniversary on Ucka

On Saturday 31st March 2012. in 11:00, in front of the INA resorts on Ucka, there will be a ceremony to mark 68th Anniversary of the first Vladimir Gortan Istrian Brigade and the First Regional Conference USAOH for Istria. The memory organization of anti-fascists organized county Pula and Rijeka, with the host UABA of Opatija.

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Rovinjsko SeloSabato, 31.3.2012. 09:00
Traditional games and a tour of kazuns

On Saturday, 31 March 2012. for all interested is organized hiking at kazun trails. As everyone could see the biggest kazun in Rovinjsko Village, 4 km away, in addition to walking there will be shuttle train to care for those unable to walk for so long.

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PorečVenerdì, 30.3.2012. 07:00
Antiques and Numismatics Fair

Poreč, Viale (below the hotel Porec) International exhibitors of antiques (furniture, paintings, timepieces, jewelry, silver and porcelain, ethno collections, etc.).

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Hotel Pical, PorečVenerdì, 30.3.2012. - 1.4.2012.
Istria Music Festival

Festivals of Choirs and Orchestras - Istria, Adriatic's largest peninsula is the most popular destination in Croatia. In addition to beautiful beaches, sun and the sea, Istria also boasts an excellent cultural offer. For a second year in the row Poreč is the host of "Istra Music Festival", which features choirs and orchestra from around the world

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Ex TDR, RovinjMercoledì, 28.3.2012. 12:00 - 31.3.2012. 17:00

27th International Tourism and Catering Equipment Fair
Fair of equipment for tourism, catering trade and hotel industry with innovations in touristic and catering sector Opening times: Wednesday 12.00 - 19.00 Thursday, Friday 10.00 - 19.00 Saturday 10.00 - 17.00

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Hotel Eden, RovinjSabato, 24.3.2012. - 1.4.2012.
Istrian Riviera

The very first aim of the ITF tennis satellite tournament 'Istarska rivijera' is to offer the possibility to young tennis players, especially to the Croatian ones, to make their first professional experience and to gain the first ATP points.

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Hotel Kvarner, OpatijaSabato, 24.3.2012. - 25.3.2012.
Hairstyle News 2012

The largest specialized event for hairdressers in Croatia and the region! Croatian hairdresser will have the opportunity to see the premiere of Vidal Sassoon The Movie Saturday 24th March 2012 in the Crystal Ballroom of Hotel Kvarner in Opatija.

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GARAGE ULTRA LAUNGE, UmagVenerdì, 23.3.2012.


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Hotel Adriatic, RovinjVenerdì, 23.3.2012. - 24.3.2012.
Discover Exotic World Cuisines

Discover the beauty and diversity of the world by tasting and discovering different recipes and aromas of national cuisines.

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UmagVenerdì, 23.3.2012. - 25.3.2012.
Istraturist Trophy Cycling Race

The popular cycling race Istraturist Trophy (Trofej Istraturist), 8th so far, will take place in the attractive landscape of Umag and its surroundings from 23 to 25 March. The race in question is a stage road race, composed of several shorter tracks. It is of international character and open to several categories.

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Istra (Istria) - Town FairsIstra (Istria) has a centuries-old tradition of trade fairs which Istrian towns keep alive. Fairs are places where people trade, meet, communicate, have fun as always…

Bale, Barban – 2nd Saturday
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