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Aprile 2012.

Camp Amarin, RovinjLunedì, 30.4.2012. 21:00

Regional pioneer of electronic music, with celebrated hits like Posing As Me, Crossing the Lines, Slap, Hablando, ... and this time will certainly justify the title of Slovenian Mozart. Umek will share the stage with Mike Vale, Marley, Bar Zu, Deyo DJ with dance numbers She Divaz.

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UmagSabato, 28.4.2012. 16:00
23th International Mini Marathon Riviera

14:30 ... gethering and checking-in
16:00 ... starting MM /Mini Marathon cat. /10.0 km
17:00 ... pasta party for all competitors
18:10 ... award ceremony

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Camp Amarin, RovinjSabato, 28.4.2012.
Sasha Lopez

… Spring Break Festival brings world DJ sensation in Rovinj. Sasha Lopez, along with a Broono singer, and Alexandra Blake, make everybody dance with well-known hits such as All My People, Weekend, Madam ...

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UmagSabato, 28.4.2012.
Zumba masterclasses

Numerous Zumba and other sports associations and clubs from Croatia present the visitors of Umag Expo the cream of the Croatian Zumba scene: Marina Lorencin, ZES (Zumba Educational Specialist) for Croatia and Davor Ilič – the first male Zumba instructor in Croatia.

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UmagVenerdì, 27.4.2012. - 29.4.2012.
Umag Sport & Umag Floria

This fair will give sports lovers and flower lovers a number of opportunities for true enjoyment – they will be able to try their hand at different sports disciplines, see the novelties from the sports gear, clothes and footwear domain, obtain flower seedlings at the lowest prices and see how the creativity and the hardworking hands of young high-school students create irresistible flower installations.

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Venerdì, 27.4.2012. - 29.4.2012.
Eco Walk to Učka

Pazin, Pazin - Učka
Three days walking from Pazin to Učka

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Venerdì, 27.4.2012. - 2.5.2012.

Collegium Spring Break Festival will be held from 27 April to 2 May 2012. in Rovinj and Kanegra. In Rovinj, visitors will be entertained by stars of all genres of music such as Sasha Lopez, Umek, Vanillaz, April, Zablujena generation, DJ Sylvain, Zlatko, Klemen Klemen and many others.

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SRC Pristav, KršanVenerdì, 27.4.2012. - 29.4.2012.
Festival of wild plants

In the spring, when nature becomes a magical garden where we are harvesting food, and medicines, Krsan will become the center of plant life, as the host of the Festival of wild plants.

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Museo del Turismo Croato, OpatijaVenerdì, 27.4.2012. - 17.5.2012.

host: the Croatian Museum of Tourism in Opatija from 27 April to 17 May 2012. At the exhibition you can see enlarged 58 copies of postcards and photographs of Zagreb, Opatija, Dubrovnik, Rijeka, Zadar, Rab, Sibenik, Porec, Pula, Hvar, Karlovac, Otocac, Varazdin, Koprivnica, Djakovo, Osijek and others, taken in the period from 1860 to 1930.

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LovranGiovedì, 26.4.2012.
Day of Lovran

Marking the centenary of "Sokol" (Falcon) - sports and cultural society in Lovran

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