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Giugno 2012.

Osservatorio, VišnjanGiovedì, 21.6.2012. - 22.6.2012.

On the day of the summer solstice, 21 June, the astronomy enthusiasts gather on the hill near the famous Višnjan observatory on Tican. All-night music and performing arts program, which starts seeing off sunlight in the evening, and ends welcoming first morning sunlight with the hypnotic rhythms of drums. Astrofest is a unique event that attracts the attention of lovers of the sky, stars and spiritual New Age music.
Tickets: kn 30, younger children free

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Club Lighthouse, GajanaVenerdì, 15.6.2012. 23:00 - 16.6.2012. 05:00

As part of the LMC Music Festival on Friday, 15 June 2012, at the largest open air stage in Istria comes long-awaited group Jinx!
Tickets: kn 50

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Club Lighthouse, GajanaSabato, 9.6.2012. 22:30 - 10.6.2012. 05:00

Fine balance between light and interesting pop and rock which is certainly the foundation of Neno’s work has produced songs that eventually became national anthems and have marked growings of several generations. Entrance: 50 kn

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HumSabato, 9.6.2012.
The Day of Hum - the smallest town in the world

Yearly Election of County prefect
HumSelection is carried out every year on the Day of Hum, in the loggia, according to the well established Ceremony. For the County prefect of Hum can be elected only member of Hum community, "grascak" - Hum resident or Homjan - habitant of nearby villages. In the selection participate 12 adult males.
The organizer of the event: The association "Hum"

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LovranSabato, 9.6.2012. - 17.6.2012.
12th Cherry Days

Cherry Feast - During the 9th of June, you can buy freshly picked Lovran cherries, taste cherry cakes and treats, or original Lovran souvenirs. While in the evening, the Festival ends with the slicing of a giant Lovran strudel (a 20 m long strudel) and performances by various folklore ensembles.

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GajanaVenerdì, 8.6.2012. 23:00
Barbara Tucker (USA) DJ

Barbara is a sensational entertainer that truly captures the essence why we go to performances. Her shows are extremely intense with her captivating voice and phenomenal stage presence.
Entrance: 50 kn

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Monvi Centro, RovinjSabato, 2.6.2012. 22:00 - 3.6.2012. 06:00

We invite you on Saturday 02.06.2012 at the tenth anniversary of Monvi Center. On the central stage in the clubs will play 15 DJs all night, accompanied by attractive dancers and animators. For a birthday, expect a lot of FREE drinks in every bar.

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Club Lighthouse, GajanaVenerdì, 1.6.2012. 22:00 - 2.6.2012. 05:00

The 1st June starting at 22:00
Line up:
Night Express Band
Jelena Rozga
The 2nd June starting at 22:00: Colonia

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