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Luglio 2012.

Ex TDR, RovinjVenerdì, 13.7.2012. 21:30
Avantgarde Jazz festival - Paquito D’Rivera

On Friday July 13, one of the best clarinettists and alt saxophonist in the world, Paquito D'Rivera and his quintet will give a performance on the stage of Avantgarde Jazz festival, in the courtyard of ex TDR in Rovinj.

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UčkaDomenica, 8.7.2012. 07:30 - 19:30
International mountain car race Učka 2012

International mountain car race Učka 2012 will be held on SUNDAY 8th of July.

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Monvi Centro, RovinjSabato, 7.7.2012. 22:00 - 8.7.2012. 06:00


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Ex TDR, RovinjSabato, 7.7.2012. 21:30
Avantgarde Jazz Festival - Ana Moura

On July 7, the day after the concert of The Bad Plus, the stage of Avantgarde Jazz Festival (former Rovinj Tobacco Factory) will host Ana Moura, an internationally renowned Portuguese fado singer.

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OpatijaSabato, 7.7.2012. 19:30 - 8.7.2012. 21:00
Jazz Boat 2012

Jazz Boat - floating venue of XII. Liburnia Jazz Festival, offers an attractive cruising with "Jadera" ship trough Opatija Riviera , sipping a drink and enjoying the music of an outstanding live jazz band in early summer evenings 07. i 08. 07. 2012.

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Club Lighthouse, GajanaVenerdì, 6.7.2012. 23:00 - 7.7.2012. 06:00
MICHAEL GRAY @ Lighthouse

At Friday, the 6th July, on a magical journey through his well-known hits will take one of the most sought after DJ's dance scene, Michael Gray, in the Lighthouse Club Music

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Ex TDR, RovinjVenerdì, 6.7.2012. 21:00
Avantgarde Jazz festival - The Bad Plus

The cycle of July concerts will start on July 6 in the courtyard of the former Rovinj Tobacco Factory by the performance of undoubtedly one of the greatest successes of the last decade, The Bad Plus band.

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The Open Air Summer Theater, OpatijaVenerdì, 6.7.2012. 21:00
Elvis Stanic Group feat. Oliver Dragojevic

An unexpected collision of two prominent representatives of two worlds - jazz and pop, is bringing something apparently incompatible - Oliver’s music and Elvis Stanic’ jazz arrangements .

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Venerdì, 6.7.2012. 19:00 - 23:00

Author of exhibitions and short stories JANTOLEK SASA
The interpretation of the story, actor: JOSIĆ ZORAN
Location: Klanac ISTRA

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OpatijaVenerdì, 6.7.2012. - 8.7.2012.
Liburnia Jazz festival

In the first weekend of July, for twelve years in a row, Opatija will be a host to the Liburnia Jazz Festival, which, according to its level of recognition, number of concerts and visitors, is definitely the biggest jazz festival in Croatia and the region.

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