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Dicembre 2013.

Piazza della Liberta, PorečMartedì, 31.12.2013. - 1.1.2014.
New Year - Tony Cetinski

Spend the craziest night of the year and welcome the New 2014th Year in beautiful Poreč.
City of Poreč is happily preparing for New Year's Eve! For our guests and fellow citizens, tourist pearl of the Istrian west coast dresses a festive attire and invites everyone to an unforgettable New Year’s Eve celebration.

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Lamparna, LabinSabato, 21.12.2013. 20:00

Labin, KUC Lamparna, 12/21/2013.
Tickets: 25,00 KN.

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UmagSabato, 21.12.2013. - 1.1.2014.
UMAGic Holidays

Once again the fabulous atmosphere will fill the town's streets and squares with various delightful events, cooking shows and concerts which will take place from 21 December to 1 January.

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TEATRO POPOLARE ISTRIANO, PulaVenerdì, 20.12.2013. 20:00
December in town: Tomislav Bralić & klapa Intrade

Christmas charity concert
Pula-Pola, Istarsko narodno kazalište 20:00 h

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Casa delle Rimembranze, Pisino, PazinVenerdì, 20.12.2013. 19:00
White Christmas

Concert of Croatian and world famous Christmas songs. Performers: Leonora Surian, vocals
Darko Jurkovic Charlie, guitar
Boris Popov, percussion

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GrožnjanVenerdì, 20.12.2013. - 24.12.2013.
Christmas Fairytale in Grožnjan

Mr and Mrs. Santa Claus with elfs, live music, and vocal choirs, plays and playroom for children, cultural programs - exhibitions, christmas cycling race, native products, mulled wine, cakes, open galleries and studios, rich enogastronomic program...

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Giardini, PulaLunedì, 16.12.2013. - 24.12.2013.
Christmas creativity fair

The Christmas creativity Fair will present about 60 exhibitors, the exhibition and sale of gift items, handmade products, decorations, ecological products and other.
The admission is free!

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BujeDomenica, 15.12.2013.
Walking and cycling tour on the Parenzana trace

Commemorating the 111th anniversary of the first train ride between Buje and Poreč, the Tourist Board of the Town of Buje is organizing a hiking-cycling campaign from Buje to Grožnjan and back, along the restored route of the Parenzana.
The start is in front of the old railroad station in Buje at 10 a.m. and trail-side refreshments are ensured for all participants.

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TarSabato, 14.12.2013.
Exhibition of Olive Oil

Exhibition of Olive Oil
Program of the Day of the Municipality

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UčkaVenerdì, 13.12.2013. - 15.12.2013.
Santa Claus and Ucka Christmass Tale 2013

Santa Claus is coming to Učka again - from 13th to 15th of December he will entertain his biggest fans. And while the children talk to Santa Claus, parents can warm up with hot tea or mulled wine and enjoy the idyllic Christmas fairy tale.

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