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Luglio 2013.

Club Lighthouse, GajanaSabato, 27.7.2013. 22:00 - 28.7.2013. 07:00

MATT KEYL a.k.a. Club 123 (ITA)
Miss Soulfly

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MotovunSabato, 27.7.2013. - 31.7.2013.
16th Motovun Film Festival

Motovun Film Festival is a five-day film marathon in which the projections last from 10 am until 4 am, with evening outdoors and living in the theaters. Program consists of seventy titles from all over the world, from documentaries to feature films, from short to long, from guerrilla to co productions. The only criterion for their selection is that they fit into the inventive minded atmosphere of the festival.

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Mali Brijun, BrijuniVenerdì, 26.7.2013. 20:15 - 28.7.2013. 20:15
Goran Stefanovski: Odysseus

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SvetvinčenatVenerdì, 19.7.2013. - 22.7.2013.
14th Dance and Non-Verbal Theatre Festival San Vincenti

Dance and Non-Verbal Theatre Festival San Vincenti is a unique cultural event, organized by Zagreb Dance Company, which has proved itself as the favorite gathering spot of dance experts and dance lovers who follow the festival’s international program composed of contemporary dance productions, physical theater, mime, circus performances, street art and educational seminars and workshops

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PulaGiovedì, 18.7.2013. - 22.7.2013.
11th Seasplash festival

From the 18th to 22nd July enjoy the excellent performances by international and local artists, representatives of the bass and electronic music, learn something new at one of our workshops, and daily need for bass quench at the BeachSplash stage.

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PulaSabato, 13.7.2013. - 27.7.2013.
60th Film Festival

The Pula Film Festival ensures coexistence of national and international programmes. It is not a coincidence that the friend of the 60thPula Film Festival is the European Union. Twelve feature-length and eighteen short films from all the member countries of the European Union will be presented as part of this year’s Europolis Programme.

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Mali Brijun, BrijuniMercoledì, 10.7.2013. - 13.7.2013.
King Lear Theatre Ulysses

10., 11., 12., i 13.7.2013.
Minor Fortress, Mali Brijuni
Departing from Fažana - 19.30
'King Lear' by William Shakespeare came to visit Brijuni on 1918 or at least in a play directed by Lenka Udovički.

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Mali Brijun, BrijuniSabato, 6.7.2013. 20:15
The Zagreb Philharmonic: Salsa Filharmonica

Conductor Alan Bjelinski
Vocal soloists Olvido RUIZ Castellanos and Ricardo Luque
Special guests Rade Serbedzija and BASS MASTERS ZF

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Lapidarium, PorečMercoledì, 3.7.2013. - 21.8.2013.
18th Jazz in Lap - Jazz festival

Greetings to All who will participate in this Great Jazz Festival, "18th Jazz in Lap" in Porec! There is no better place be and enjoy in this amazing atmosphere! I know you all will have a Grand time. (... Reginald Veal)

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