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September 2010.

LabinFreitag, 17.9.2010. - 25.9.2010.
TRANSART 2010 : Underground City XXI

Friday, 17.09. & Saturday, 18.09.2010. Podlabin & Old Town (District Court Labin / Sipe bar) @ 20:00 - 24:00 - Miha Turšič (SI): "Underground City in a City" site-specific installation- Digital projection of groundwater mental information on the city environment
Saturday, 18.09.2010.
Labin old town (parish Church & National Museum) @ 21:00 - AIKO / Kazuko Kurosaki: Performance LOST VISIONS (Part I)
Knock 'Lamparna' @ 22:00 - Performance LOST VISIONS (Part II)
Dramaturgy: Thomas J. Jelinek, Performer: Kazuko Kurosaki, Franz & Katharina Šrámek Schwarzer
Saturday, 18.09.2010.
CAC 'Lamparna' @ 23:00 - demimondaine (AT) & Joke Lanz / Sudden Infant (DE):
Psychotic Enzelkind - industrial-techno-performance/concert.
Tuesday, 21.09.2010.
Rasa / entrance to the cave with plants @ 12:00 - Sandro Djukic (HR): "arch_0001_125_2010 / photo-documenting the dark reality of the senses' light-video installation 1 km long - up to 24.09.- Daily 15:00 to 18:00.
Wednesday, 22.09 .- Saturday, 25.09.2010.
Podlabin / Markat (market) @ 10:00 to 13:00 - Ludovic Nobileau (FR) & Brandon Dynamics, (HR): "Mash COLONY @ 2009" - Action of Citizens for recruitment purposes and tasks of the first working colonies of Hades XXI (in progress ). The project has 3 segments / areas tic children:
1st Center-recruitment market in Podlabin of 22 to 25 September
2nd Head hunters - changing locations in the city of 22 to 25 September
3rd Final assembly - @ Knock 'Lamparna', Saturday 25th September @ 21:00

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Fort Bourguignon, PulaSamstag, 11.9.2010. 22:00 - 12.9.2010. 12:00
FORTRESS DANCE @ Fort Bourguignon

DJ's - Tomi Rollo + Roberta + ASecretSource + Mr. Zile + Jan Fio + Bolle + Obeah + Crazy Twins + Ivans + Dan Mitra
VJ - Trotil
PRICE:before midnight - 30kn / after midnight - 50kn

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Monvi Centar, RovinjSamstag, 11.9.2010. 22:00 - 12.9.2010. 06:00

SATURDAY 11.09.2010

Come and enjoy the last time this season in Monvi in the final Party of the SUMMER!

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Lamparna, LabinFreitag, 10.9.2010. 22:00 - 11.9.2010. 06:00
Transart Festival presents: Back2Rave2 w/ Eelke Kleijn

EELKE KLEIJN (Global Underground, Outside The Box Music, Audio Therapy)
PETAR DUNDOV (Music Man, Tomorrow)
SERAPHIM CODEX (Understoodio / Bodyjack / Thirst Studio)
ZERO (Bondage, Atonal / Zagreb)
ANDREJ&DROPI (Freelance)
Entra: 50 kn

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FS Most, BuzetFreitag, 10.9.2010. 18:00

- KAWASAKI 3P (Zagreb)
- PASI - (Rijeka)
- LET3 - (Rijeka)
- PARTIBREJKERS - (Beograd-srbija)
- OFFICER DOWN - (Rijeka)
free entry!

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PorečSonntag, 5.9.2010. - 12.9.2010.

Sept. 5th 2010, Sunday, the day of Saint Lawrence
8 pm „Giostra Cocktail“ – barmen competition (establishment: Saint & Sinner)
Sept. 6th 2010, Monday, the day of the Blessed Claudio Granzotto
10 am Guided walking tour in Poreč with a local guide dressed in costume*
20 pm „Poreč Baroque Fashion“ – fashion show (The Liberty Square)
Sept. 7th 2010, Tuesday, the day of the Blessed Frederick Ozanam
6 pm „Let's be Fashion Designers From the Period of Giostra“ – exhibition of children’s drawings and costumes (The Museum of Poreč territory) ...

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Dubrova, LabinSamstag, 4.9.2010. 22:00
Charity Concert FOR DADO

Charity Concert on Saturday, at the summer stage of Park Dubrova!
Playing: Soul Display, breech Deenower, Rock Line, Grief Charisma, Anomalia and Cotton Fields.
Entry: 20 kn

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Sveti Petar u šumiSamstag, 4.9.2010. 20:00
5th Klapa meeting "Sv. Petar u Šumi 2010"

The traditional "klapa" (a capella groups) meeting will be held at the Square in front of the Pauline monastery od St. Peter in the Woods, and in case of rain meeting will be moved into the bowling hall (Sveti Petar u Sumi).

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PorečSamstag, 4.9.2010. 09:00 - 5.9.2010. 21:00
Poreč Dolphin

Those who successfully completed the entire marathon know how enjoyable it was. Those who have at least attempted, surely did not regret it. This recreational swimming marathon is the major event of the Swimming festival at sea, held each year on the first weekend in September at the beach in Poreč. The start of the marathon is at the hotel Pical beach, and you can join the swimmers at any time between 9 am and 3 pm and choose one of the three marathon laps. There are guarded lockers at the beach, the swimming area is marked and under surveillance for the swimmers' safety, and the participants will be returned from the finish to the start position by boat. If you can't complete the entire marathon, a boat will come to pick you up, but don't give up so fast - everything is allowed: masks, fins, inflatable beach mattresses, water wings... You can set off alone, with your friends, family, swim slow or fast, use any possible known or unknown style. The marathon ends at 5pm with the presentation of awards.

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DragućSamstag, 4.9.2010.
Festival of Nedeva

The Festival begans with bowling tournament, while the afternoon hours are reserved for making the traditional dishes of the region - NEDEVA. 18:00 start of preparation, 19:30 choosing the best nedeve; local music , 20:00 Promotion of book about traditional Istrian dishes by author Vesna Medvedec Buršić, 21:00 dance party with the band AMARO

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