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Mai 2011.

Club Punta Christo, ŠtinjanSamstag, 21.5.2011. 21:00 - 22.5.2011. 06:00
3ple Dubble Trubble Party

3ple Dubble Trubble Party!!!

Fort Punta Christo, Štinjan/Pula, Croatia
subota/saturday/sabato, 21.05.2011.
21h, 30 kn/4 euros
Seasplash Klub floor:
Atrium floor:

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Historisches Museum Istriens, PulaSamstag, 21.5.2011. 21:00 - 22.5.2011. 07:00

ROBERTA's BIRTHDAY PARTY (charity event)
DJ,s Rene Maker (Afroboogie Rec., Fade Out rec.), Zagreb / Underground Sky (Thorntree, Aquarius rec.), Rijeka / Deep Marshall (Frequenza Ltd, TNG,), Pula / DJ Marino (Media Mediteranea, Metamedia), Pula / Rio (Life Celebration), Pula / ASecretSource (Singulum Studio rec., E-Artists), Pula / Korohe Bray (Mosskesh, E-Artists), Pula ( Roberta (E-Artists) / DJ Vlady (E-Artists, Rovinj) / Obeah (Marsroom), Pula / Tomi Rollo (E-Artists), Pula / Sword & Ant (E-Artists), Pula / Just DJs (E-Artists), Pula / Boris (E-Artists), Pula / Elviss (E-Artists), Pula / Deni (E-Artists), Pula
ENTRY: 40 kn / day of event
PRESALE: (Cyber Cafe bar , Flanatička 14): 30 kn / presale ticket 100 kn / presale VIP ticket (VIProom + welcome drink + cocktail)

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Saint & Sinner, PorečFreitag, 20.5.2011. 22:00 - 21.5.2011. 04:00

This Friday in Saint & Sinner - Bojan Ristic Brass Band - House & trumpet
+ Absolut vodka party!

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RovinjFreitag, 20.5.2011.
1st Super Sprint Triathlon Rovinj 2011

29th May 2011 there will be a first Super Sprint Triathlon Rovinj 2011, Open Croatian Championship. This race was included in the official race calendar of Croatian Triathlon Federation . Super Sprint triathlon is relatively short and very attractive because of the rapid changes and the availability of zone changes, at the Rovinj's waterfront. The audience will be present to all major routes, and moments of the race. Swiming 400 meters, bike route of 10 kilometers and running tracks of 2.5 km is something that amateurs can pass relatively quickly. Brief and attractive race attracts a much wider audience, athletes, amateurs and those who may compete for the first time have opportunity to try their physical and mental skills in this sport.

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Galerie Zuccato, PorečDonnerstag, 19.5.2011. 20:00 - 19.6.2011.
Robert Pauletta: Kidnapping Europe

The solo exhibition of painter Robert Pauletta, with a cycle of works entitled "Kidnapping Europe".
The exhibition will open the art historian Mladen Lucic.
The exhibition runs until 19 June 2011.
Opening hours: 10 - 12, 18 - 21 h, closed Mondays

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Donnerstag, 19.5.2011. - 21.5.2011.
38th Croatia Rally

The 38th Croatia Rally which will be the third round of the FIA European Rally Championship takes places from May 19th to 21st, with start and finish in Rijeka.
Three days of competition, each within a specific geographic area and with a remarkable overall compactness, since for a total of 250 km in 15 special stages, all on tarmac, there are about 500 km road sections.

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Zelena laguna, PorečMittwoch, 18.5.2011. - 22.5.2011.
ESDU DANCESTAR World Dance Masters 2011

The ESDU DANCESTAR World Dance Masters 2011 will be held from the 18th - 22nd May 2011 in the beautiful ambience of Zelena Laguna resort in Poreč, Croatia.
More than 20 International Dance Seminars will be held during the ESDU DANCESTAR World Dance Masters 2011. Seminars with the highest standard of teaching, organised both for dancers and dance teacher, will be held by Niels Robitzky alias Storm, Santu Mamona, Christopher Jamin, Dollie Henry, Daniel Lommel, prof. Hans-Joachim Tappendorff and June Guaracci Schlosser.

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RabacSamstag, 14.5.2011. - 15.5.2011.
Regatta of Labin Republic Sailing Cruisers

For the sixth time the best sailing cruisers crews from Istria and Kvarner will show their skills in taming the wind and waves in front of the Rabac coast. As the Labin miners once with their solidarity managed to create Labin Republic, the same values of unity are passed on nowadays by the regatta competitors who achieve their victories using skill, agility and team spirit. In the 18th and 19th century, the picturesque bays of Rabac, Sv. Marina and Prtlog were anchorage sites for wooden sailing ships, whereas today the seamen skills and centuries-old maritime tradition of this area are transferred by fast boats. The two-day sailors’ gathering will include art workshop on sailing, majorettes’ performance, introducing the youngest with the Optimist class and the traditional evening entertainment at the waterfront with music and local specialties.

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Hotel Monte Mulini , RovinjFreitag, 13.5.2011. 20:00
Avantgarde Jazz festival

Avantgarde Jazz Festival opens on Friday 13th of May, Julian Lage Group concert in Maistra Boutique Hotel Monte Mulini in Rovinj. Julian Lage is known as a pioneer artist of his generation and one of the most interesting young musicians, he is a composer, arranger and guitarist who delights and inspires both fans and musicians.

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Sporthalle „Žatika“, PorečFreitag, 13.5.2011. 10:00 - 15.5.2011. 19:00
Vinistra  2011

International exhibition of wine and winemaking equipment
The widespread reputation of the leading exhibition of the wine and other autochthonous agrarian Istrian products such as grappa, olive oil, honey, cheese and prosciutto, confirms the gastronomic importance of these products. The exhibition opens on the 13th of May and lasts for four days fulfilled with various events because Vinistra is not just the local products exhibition, but an event implying professional wine tastings, presentations and topic meetings as well. Apart from Istrian winemakers, there are also Slovenian, Italian and Hungarian colleagues who take part in the competitions. The judge panel, chosen as in other similar world events, consists both of professionals as well as people who simply like and enjoy wine and who find it very precious for their work. The main purpose of the exhibition is the wine quality testing while other different off-programs make Vinistra even more interesting. This high-quality event unites a record number of wine exhibitors in one place for a few days and makes possible the education and further development of the wine regarding knowledge. Vinistra became the major exhibition of that kind in Croatia and its ever growing significance confirms the number of the exhibitors coming from the whole country of Croatia as well as from abroad.

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