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Juni 2011.

ATP Stadium, UmagMittwoch, 22.6.2011. - 26.6.2011.
World Junior Championship in beach volleyball

The 2011 SWATCH FIVB WORLD YOUTH CHAMPIONSHIP will take place in the beautiful city of Umag from June 21st to June 26th.

The large and strong competition between teams from 32 countries will play out in the well-known Stella Maris Centre, and the best team will become the champion with the prestigious title of World Champion in Beach Volleyball.

The true competitive spirit among youth will emphasise all the magic of beach volleyball as a favourite summer sports activity.
ATP Stadium Stella Maris
Organizer: MPG d.o.o. Croatia

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PazinMittwoch, 22.6.2011. - 26.6.2011.
14th Jules Verne Days

Cultural and tourist event "Jules Verne Days" will be for the 14th time held in Pazin from 22nd to 26th of June The five-day event consists of a number of cultural, creative, fun, adventure and travel programs: choral performances, literary evenings, exhibitions, ex tempore, workshops for children and the general public. For children is organized "Captain Nemo Children's Corner ". Special offers and events makes the package "Voyages Extraordinaire - strange journey" - the balloon flight includes a trip by various means of transportation Adventure hiking "Mathias Sandorf path" , caving visit to Pazin pit crater - "Journey to the Centre of the Earth" and others.
Organizers: Central Istria Tourist Board and the Town of Pazin

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Observatorium, VišnjanDienstag, 21.6.2011. 20:00 - 22.6.2011. 06:00

Festival starts at 20 hours on the square in the old town where it will be held the review of wine and authentic culinary products, and select "Astrovino". In addition to the gastronomic delights of the culinary virtuoso Deniz Zembo, visitors will be able to taste the local wine, watch the night sky from the lodge, and learn what is the relationship between astronomy and gastronomy in a lecture by prof. Korado Korlević.

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RovinjDienstag, 21.6.2011. - 26.6.2011.
7th Summer Salsa Festival

Salsa dance workshops and salsa parties guided by world-famous instructors gather more than 700 salsa fans from all over Europe and Croatia for the 6th year in a row. This year there will also be cocktail making workshops and theme parties on different locations.

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PićanMontag, 20.6.2011. 20:00
Ethno group Šćike at Baron's Palace

All people of good will, known and unknown are invited to the concert of Ethno group Šćike, organized to mark the opening of Baron's Palace in Pićan, intended for the center of the intangible culture of Istria!
Enjoy the magical overtones, and ethnic mix of modern music.

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RabacSonntag, 19.6.2011. 20:30
Our Grandmothers' Kitchen

Rabac, Riva
Gastronomic manifestation of local caterers

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DragućSonntag, 19.6.2011.
Double-basses in Draguć

International Double-bass Festival
Should your explorations of Istria's villages take you to Draguć, your curiosity will surely keep you there. Draguć is the traditional site of double-bassists who meet every year at the June International Double-bass Festival to demonstrate their talent and virtuosity. During the event, the town square resounds with the sounds of double-basses played to the rhythm of the waltz and polka, ccompanied by accordions, trumpets, clarinets, violins, harmonicas and even haircombs. Performances last until twilight, when the event ends with a joint performance of all participants. Festivities with music and dancing continue deep into the warm summer night.

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Monvi Centar, RovinjSamstag, 18.6.2011. 23:30 - 19.6.2011. 02:30
Josip-A Lisac live on stage

Josip A Lisac - merrymakers from Novi Sad, a mecca for lovers of contagiously cheerful rhythms and fiery brass section in the manner of the great Manu Chao, perform in summer Magnus, Monvi Center, Rovinj.

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Monvi Centar, RovinjSamstag, 18.6.2011. 22:30 - 19.6.2011. 01:30

Fun, dynamic and dance - are the only expectations that must be followed.
DJ ing - more than 10 years a member of the cult of Zagreb collective "Groodanje"; Freeze has performed in numerous clubs, music and film festivals around the Croatia.
Losamigos Mexicanbar - Monvi

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Aruba Club, PulaSamstag, 18.6.2011. 22:00 - 19.6.2011. 05:00

Terrace of Club Aruba in its full glory awaits all fans of club music. This Saturday DJ LUX is in charge of rhythms. Many beautiful women, hostesses and dancers will take care of gifts and surprises that you further enjoy the beautiful surroundings of enchanting summer terrace.
Admission is free!

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Istra (Istria) - Town FairsIstra (Istria) has a centuries-old tradition of trade fairs which Istrian towns keep alive. Fairs are places where people trade, meet, communicate, have fun as always…

Bale, Barban – 2nd Saturday
Buzet – 1st Friday and 3rd Thursday
Labin – 3rd Wednsday
Motovun – 3rd Monday
Pazin – 1st Tuesday
Svetvinčenat – 3rd Saturday
Višnjan - 1st Thursday
Vodnjan – 1st Saturday
Žminj - 2nd Wednesday and St. Bartol's Fair – last Saturday in August
Pula – every Saturday in Ciscutti St. the fair of antiquities, numismatics and collectibles
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