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Mai 2012.


Vlado Kalember, Croatian pop legend entertains you on the 19th May at La Kabana, Kastelir, Istria.

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Girandella Beach, RabacFreitag, 18.5.2012. 22:00 - 19.5.2012. 04:00

Nino Rex
Mr. Marley
Andrej & Dropi
Toni Manero
Nathan Hunt
Jan Davis b2b Tommy Flash
Entry: 30 kn - for Endi Kodrin

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Ex TDR, RovinjFreitag, 18.5.2012. 21:00
Avantgarde Jazz festival - Yellowjackets

Yellowjackets concert in the former Rovinj Tobacco Factory - on May 18, 2012. In their decades-long career, this band has recorded over twenty albums and won numerous awards and accolades, including several Grammy Awards as well as nominations for this prestigious award.

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RočSonntag, 13.5.2012.
With accordion to Roc

24. International Meeting of Diatonic Accordion Players – Triestina. The sound of the popular 'trieština', a small accordion with buttons, starts to spread from every corner of the city – from taverns, family houses, streets - and whole Roč becomes on these days an open-air stage with a large fair where the most peculiar stands are those selling and exhibiting Istrian souvenirs and musical instruments.

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TinjanSamstag, 12.5.2012. 21:00 - 13.5.2012. 04:00

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Platz der Freiheit, PorečSamstag, 12.5.2012. - 13.5.2012.
National Majorette Championship

In Porec will be held Majorettes National Championship, organized by the Union of majorettes and pom-pom teams of Croatia.

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Freitag, 11.5.2012. - 13.5.2012.
19. Vinistra

Die Wein- und Winzertechnikmesse findet vom 11. bis 13. Mai in Poreč statt. Vinistra ist regional und in Kroatien eine der anerkanntesten Weinveranstaltungen. Für jeden Besucher bietet die Ausstellung neue Weine und ein vielfältiges Gastro-Angebot. Hauptziel der Vinistra ist die Förderung der Weine Istriens und Besuchern Weine und Spitzengastronomie der Region näher zu bringen.

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RabacFreitag, 11.5.2012. - 13.5.2012.
7. Regatta ‚Labinska republika‘

Die 7. Regatta ‚Labinska republika‘ findet von 12. bis 13. Mai 2012 statt. Das Begleitprogramm der Regatta beginnt am Freitag, 11. Mai. Nach der Begrüßung und Anmeldung der Teams startet das Eröffnugsfest der diesjährigen 7. Ausgabe der Regatta um 21.00 Uhr.

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UmagFreitag, 11.5.2012. - 12.5.2012.
IdejaX - national advertising festival

Croatian Association of Marketing Communications (HURA) is organizing a national advertising festival IdejaX with top speakers from around the world.

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UmagSonntag, 6.5.2012.
 International competition in the sport fishing

On Sunday, 06 May 2012 Sport Fishing Association "Umag" organizes an open international competition in the sport fishing - XV Cup "6th May" 2012

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Istra (Istria) - Town Fairs

Istra (Istria) - Town FairsIstra (Istria) has a centuries-old tradition of trade fairs which Istrian towns keep alive. Fairs are places where people trade, meet, communicate, have fun as always…

Bale, Barban – 2nd Saturday
Buzet – 1st Friday and 3rd Thursday
Labin – 3rd Wednsday
Motovun – 3rd Monday
Pazin – 1st Tuesday
Svetvinčenat – 3rd Saturday
Višnjan - 1st Thursday
Vodnjan – 1st Saturday
Žminj - 2nd Wednesday and St. Bartol's Fair – last Saturday in August
Pula – every Saturday in Ciscutti St. the fair of antiquities, numismatics and collectibles
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