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JAZZBina: JERSEYBAND - Beast Wedding

Montag, 15.3.2010. 21:00House of Croatian defenders, Pula


The Pioneers of Lungcore

Brent Madsen - trumpet, vocals
Matt Blanchard - tenor sax
Ed RosenBerg - tenor sax
Alex Hamlin - baritone sax
Ryan Ferreira - guitar
Mike Chiavaro - bass
Ted Poor – drums

JERSEYBAND plays Lungcore - a new genre that infuses a horn-driven band with heavy metal values.

What does a screaming hardcore metal vocalist have in common with a jazz trumpeter? For JERSEYBAND, they are one in the same. The band's unassuming trumpeter, Brent Madsen intermittently pulls the horn from his lips just long enough to let out his version of an ape on a rampage. One moment, Madsen screams, "Move my carrot!" and the next, your head is spinning because JERSEYBAND has already exchanged the gates of hell for a jaunt in Peewee's Playhouse.

Backed by drums, electric guitar, and guitar synth, JERSEYBAND's horns (three saxophones and a trumpet) cut through meaty arrangements that shock their audiences into submission. Enthusiasts have compared their sound to Mr. Bungle, Zappa, and Meshuggah
but one thing is clear; this band is best categorized under their own genre of horn driven metal called Lungcore.

Lungcore is the marriage of seemingly traditional Jazz horn section with the aesthetic of Metal. Since 1999 JERSEYBAND has been solidifying the Lungcore concept around its core group of four horns: baritone saxophone, two tenor saxophones, and a trumpet. Backed by electric guitar, bass guitar, and drums, their compositions feature the horns orchestrated in ways which emulate the sound of gigantic guitars playing intricate power riffs.

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