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7.7.2011. - 10.7.2011.Pula

LIFE CELEBRATION 2011Psychedelic Trance Festival

FORT PUNTA CHRISTO (10 km from Pula)
07-10 Jul 2011

(both floors,together);

ANDROMEDA (Dreamvisionmedia) Sweden
JOURNEY (Free-Spirit Records) Italy-UK
MIDIMAL (Echoes rec.) Switzerland
CHROMOSOME (Dreamvisionmedia) Sweden
SOUL SURFER (Yellow sunshine explosion) Sweden
PION (unsigned) Serbia
ELEKTRIBE (Kroton Sounds) Serbia
MAN MACHINE (Geomagnetic Records) Serbia
PLASMA CORP. (Plusquam Records) Croatia
SOLAR KID (TesseracTstudio) Serbia
TRISPANGLE (Manx Rippers) UK
MAGNETIK (Tactal Hots Music /Soundmute Recordings) Serbia
TOOFAR (ARmazonex family) Croatia

(both floors,together);

JAY OM (Journey,Free-Spirit Records) Italy-UK
ALEZZARO (Progressive Selection) Austria
O.M.S. (Electronic Dope, Headroom Productions) Germany
HERMIT (NamasteClub) Serbia
MERLIN (TesseracTstudio) Serbia
NAVEEN (Vaporvent rec./Night Oracle rec.) Slovenia
ZVUK (Apsurdistan) Slovenia
TYMA (DancingDragon) Slovenia
VAL VASHAR (Zenon Rec., Ministarstvo Psihodelije) Croatia
DUNJA (Wicked forest)Serbia
INDRA (Ministarstvo Psihodelije)
MAGICA/SHOSHANA (Mami's magic) Slovenia
DAPEACE (Chaotic Beats) Serbia
GROF (Independent) Serbia
NESHO (Marsroom) Croatia
ALEN (Marsroom) Croatia
SALE (Marsroom) Croatia
S.D.FACT & RIO (LifeCelebration) Serbia/Croatia
NARD (Psycordia) Croatia
RADICAL FUSION (Psycordia) Croatia
BEEMAN (Ministarstvo psihodelije) Croatia
SEGY (LifeCelebration) CroAtia
MICROHELL (LifeCelebration) Croatia
PSYBORG (LifeCelebration) Croatia
KENN (LifeCelebration) Croatia
MEHO (LifeCelebration/Marsroom) Croatia
MATIJAS&MATEJ+friends (Distorzija)
TEDDY-LEE (Independent) Croatia
JELENA (LCF) Croatia


..and you

Entry fee

Pre-sale tickets:
3 DAY TICKETS: PRE-SALE: 40,- Euro (presale will start in march, at least april 2o11 - watch out for infos)
At the gate:
1 day: 15 Euro - 2 days 30 Euros - 3 days: 45 Euros

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