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MAMBO KINGS - Macumba Beach Club

12.8.2010. 22:00 - 13.8.2010. 04:00Beach club Macumba, Novigrad

MAMBO KINGS - Macumba Beach ClubHot "Mambo Kings" are guests again at Macumba Beach Club after great party last time. Enjoy the rhythms of summer and be there!

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Istra (Istria) - Town Fairs

Istra (Istria) - Town FairsIstra (Istria) has a centuries-old tradition of trade fairs which Istrian towns keep alive. Fairs are places where people trade, meet, communicate, have fun as always…

Bale, Barban – 2nd Saturday
Buzet – 1st Friday and 3rd Thursday
Labin – 3rd Wednsday
Motovun – 3rd Monday
Pazin – 1st Tuesday
Svetvinčenat – 3rd Saturday
Višnjan - 1st Thursday
Vodnjan – 1st Saturday
Žminj - 2nd Wednesday and St. Bartol's Fair – last Saturday in August
Pula – every Saturday in Ciscutti St. the fair of antiquities, numismatics and collectibles
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