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Opatija Fight Night 5

Samstag, 23.2.2013. 20:00Hotel Kvarner, Opatija

Opatija Fight Night 5Crystal Hall of Hotel Kvarner in Opatija 23rd February will host an international martial arts spectacle - the most powerful martial event that ever took place in this area.

At Opatija Fight Night 5 will be as many as 12 fights, and fighters coming from 11 countries. Their representatives will have Croatia, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Greece, Germany, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Italy.

Tickets will be on sale from 11th February (Monokini Opatija, Dallas Music Shop Rijeka, Le Monde Viškovo bar) at a cost of 80 kn, while on the day of the event ticket price is 100 kuna.

Opatija Fight Night 5 fight list:
K-1 -71 kg: Hrvoje Bajic (Croatia) VS Walid Dioula (Morocco)
K-1 -86 kg: Lovro Brcic (Croatia) VS Nicolo La Mura (Italy)
K-1 -60 kg: Veronika Golčić (Croatia) VS Ajla Lukac (Serbia)
MMA -77 kg: Niki Ruzic (Croatia) VS Nabir Moroch (Morocco)
Pro Box -76 kg: Gordan Glisic (Croatia) VS Misa Nikolic (Serbia)
K-1 + 95 kg SuperKombat: Ante Verunica (Croatia) VS Mohamed Belazaar (Germany)
K-1 + 95 kg SuperKombat: Tomaz Simonic (Slovenia) VS Muamer Tufekčić (BH)
K-1 + 95 kg SuperKombat: Dino Belošević (Croatia) VS Luis Morais (Portugal)
K-1 + 95 kg SuperKombat: Uros Veličevič (Slovenia) VS Giannis Stoforidis (Greece)
K-1 -81 kg: Zlatko Bajic (Croatia) VS Joseba Dopazo Lopez (Spain)

K-1 95+ kg: Mladen Brestovac (Croatia) VS Andy van Steen (Belgium)
K-1 -91 kg: Ivan Stanić (Croatia) VS Laurent Attrifi (Belgium)

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