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22.10.2010. - 24.10.2010.Tinjan

THE INTERNATIONAL PROSCIUTTO FAIR 2010In the tradition of Istrian cuisine PROSCIUTTO is the pinnacle and the standard for everything that is good, for all sins of the palate. Prosciutto is perceived and recognized as the supreme beauty; the Istrians call it - vijulin, which means ‘violin’. It certainly does deserve such regal status due to its taste, aroma, colour, perfect tenderness i.e. freshness, and even though these elements are only recognizable by very refined palates, the real gourmets are always able to appreciate them. Its quality is determined by its sweetness, tender texture and flavour. What are the secrets of this delicacy? The skill, the care and the patience of manufacturers, but also the weather conditions…
It is in its honour that the Municipality of Tinjan organizes the traditional International Prosciutto Fair ISAP..


FRIDAY 22.10.2010

16:00 Grand opening of the InKult workshop (Programme 'Europe for Citizens')
16:30 Opening of the 15th sickle exhibition
17:00 Kata demonstration by the „Karate club Tinjan“
17:30 Performance of young rhythmic gymnasts from Tinjan
17:45 Folk-art performance of young members of the folk-art company „Kumpanija Kosirići“
18:00 9th festival of young musicians „The Golden Sickle“

SATURDAY 23.10.2010

09:00 Sports program:
- Istrian karate championship (School sports hall)
- tournament in the traditional Istrian game ‘pljočkanje’
- clay pigeon shooting
11:00 Grand opening of the 4th International Prosciutto Fair - ISAP 2010
11:30 Start of the cycling race „From puddle to puddle“
12:30 Folk-art performance of the folk-art company „Kumpanija kosirići“
15:00 Prosciutto tasting
21:00 Dancing party with LIDIJA BAČIĆ and ALFA TIME BAND

SUNDAY 24.10.2010

11:00 Opening of the fair
12:30 Folk-art performance of the folk-art company „Kumpanija kosirići“
13:00 Prosciutto tasting
16:00 Tug-of-War tournament
19:00 Istrian arm wrestling championship
20:30 Drawing of the main prize
21:00 Dancing party with KOKTELSI and „Replay band“

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