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8.4.2011. - 10.4.2011.Rovinj

3rd ETNOFILm In the last two editions of ETNOFILm forty films from all over the world were shown in the official competition part of the programme. This year a record number of films was submitted: 101. In the competition section of the programme 26 films will be shown this year, selected by dr. sc. Sanja Puljar D'Alessio.

Mosaic Europe, Ira Hartmann/Anna Luttgering, Germany;

Funeral Season, Matthew Lancit, Canada;

Bea wants to know, Roger Canals, Spain;

Promise and Unrest, Alan Grossman/Aine O'Brien, Ireland;

FlorenceFight Club, Luiggi Maria Perotti/Rovero Impiglia, Italy/Germany;

My Land, Jason Burlage, Peru/USA;

Bird's Way, Klara Trenasenyi/Vlad Naumescu, Romania;

Earning daily bread, Ivo Kuzmanić, Croatia;

Gugara, Jacek Naglowski, Poland;

My Marlboro City, Valentina Pedi, Italy;

The Way of Tao, Yves De Peretti, France;

Golden Scars, Alexandrine Boudreault-Fournier, Canada;

One Day in Smara, Fany De La Chica, Spain;

Peace for All, Elizabeta Koneska, Macedonia;

Made in Trenchtown, Esther Maagdenberg, England;

Invisible Neighbors, Mona Hafez/Barbara Koch, Germany;

Anything but Black, Ausra Linkenviciute, Lithuania/UK;

Rhizome, Paolo Buccieri, Italy;

Cowboys: East Germany, Rebels and the Vogtland, Eric O'Connell, USA;

Khmer Pots, Delphine Moreau, France;

The Way to Sundance, Miguel Bechet/Ursina Maurer, Switzerland;

242 Meters of Life, Novica Savić, Serbia;

Roma Boys – the Love Story, Rozalie Kohutova, Czech Republic;

A Looming Past, Sashi Sivramkrishna, India;

Years in Hand, Evgeny Aleksandrov/Elena Danilko, Russia;

Human Terrain, Michael Udris, David Udris, James Der Derian, USA.

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