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March 2009.

Multimedial Club Atelier, PorečSaturday, 28.3.2009. 22:00
RETRO SOUND OF 70`s 80˙s & 90ś – dj. Gianni B.

Gianni B, the most experienced DJ from Porec, Istra ( Istria ) plays dance hits of remixed dance club music from the era of the Studio 54's funky rhythms to the first electronic disco hits of 80's and 90's. Positive atmosphere for the dance, to remember the everlasting hits and great fun for saturday night.

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Multimedial Club Atelier, PorečFriday, 27.3.2009. 22:00
Live Ska Punk Reggae Fiesta! Circus - 2nd BIRTHDAY

They appeared and gathered in front of the audience in the Atelier two years ago for the first time, and since then they've been unstoppable all around Istra ( Istria ) & all od Croatia. News is that Circus is ready to go to studio to record new cd. We can hardly wait!

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Multimedial Club Atelier, PorečThursday, 26.3.2009. 22:00

This is not a concert of Gustafi, this is a mini-tour. Edi and team will play only new songs which will be recorded next month in the studio for a new album. In the Atelier, Porec, Istra ( Istria ) you can be first to hear what are Gustafi preparing. Admission is free.

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Multimedial Club Atelier, PorečSaturday, 21.3.2009. 22:00
Live Hip Hop !!! CONNECT ( Zagreb )

Three years after the well accepted album "First and male" and one year after its 2nd edition with fifteen new tracks on the double CD-ROM entitled "This is not a second album," band Connect issued its second official studio creation "In second state" (In Croatian: Pregnancy). Along with the live band performance, you can expect surprises and guests, as well as the promotion of the new video for single "The streets are white," which is already on the top lists of renowned radio stations in Croatia
MMC Atelier, Porec, Istra ( Istria )

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Multimedial Club Atelier, PorečFriday, 20.3.2009. 22:00
Live Rock cover !!! Jockeri (Ri) + ROCK & HEAVY MUSIC DJ. KING PIN ( London )

Rock, Hard rock and heavy metal music plays DJ.KING PIN who lives in London and brings standard hits and some very interesting new bands that we "in the province" have not yet heard. To complete the evening - resident dj.PIONIR who will run domestic rock hits of Azra, Majke ( Mothers), Hladno pivo ( Cold Beer ), KUD Idijoti (CAC Idiots) and others.
MMC Atelier, Porec, Istra ( Istria )

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Multimedial Club Atelier, PorečSaturday, 14.3.2009. 22:00
FUNK `N`HOUSE GROOVES DJ.Easy Agent ( Eleganza Electronica)

Dj. Easy Agent plays quality funk music and combines it with house and electro beats, so that all fans of dance music come and dance, supporting this great dj. and music.
MMC ATELIER, Porec, Istra ( Istria )

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Multimedial Club Atelier, PorečFriday, 13.3.2009. 22:00
Live KUD IDIJOTI ( Pula, Istra / Istria )

Last time the concert was canceled due to sudden illness of singer, this time KUD IDIJOTI ( CAC IDIOTS ) announce the intense music and to recount the last time every 10th visitor has free entry. They are in the middle of the new album preparation & constant performances around former state so the punk rock veterans are really busy...

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Multimedial Club Atelier, PorečSaturday, 7.3.2009. 22:00
DISCO LADIES NIGHT ( Ladies 1st drink free ) Dj. Jazzoom

New way March 8th's celebration with welcome drink, DJ Jazoon&dance in MMC Atelier, Porec, Istra ( Istria ).

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Multimedial Club Atelier, PorečFriday, 6.3.2009. 22:00
MORSO - Promotion of Album "Izlog" (Show-window)

Strong&loud&convincing - MORSO, band from Rijeka promotes their new album "IZLOG" (Show-window) in MMC Atelier, Porec, Istra ( Istria )
Stanislav Grdakovic -------- vocals
John Bartolovic ------ vocals
Darko Terlevic ------ keyboards, vocals
Nikola Mesarek ------ bass
Matthew Zec ------ guitar, loop etc ...
Hrvoje Brzica ----- loop
John Bojcic ----- drums

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