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March 2009.

Ex -barracks Karlo Rojc, PulaSaturday, 28.3.2009. 23:00
Meeting of Lost Generation 2

2nd Traditional Meeting of Lost Generation under the working title Making Love with the recession is for sure better way to deliver positivistic melancholic music from '70 of the last century to the present day.

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Hotel Histria, PulaSaturday, 28.3.2009. 22:00
The Beatles Revival Band - Night Club Histria

The Beatles Revival Band was founded in 1994 as an expression of admiration and love for the music of the Fab Four from Liverpool, and the main originators of the whole story were Erik Malnar and Alen Širola (both from the group Belfast Food).
The group came into existence from musicians of various rock groups of Rijeka.
Check how good they are! Free entrance!

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Club Monte Serpente, PulaSaturday, 28.3.2009. 22:00
TECH ON LINE @ Monte Serpente

TECH ON LINE @ Monte Serpente 28.03.
Chromidome (SLO/HR) Maximize, ONElove, Sound of Comfort
Mateo Klaic (M. Losinj) Maximize, Sound of Comfort
V2 / Rovinj White Noise
Innaca vs D-Fuse / Pula The New Wave
Start : 22 : 00 - End : 05:00
Entry : 20 Kn before / 30 kn after 00:00

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Caffe bar Mimoza, PulaSaturday, 28.3.2009. 22:00
[mandelbrot set] @ Mimoza, Istra ( Istria )

Members of [mandelbrot set] are regularly defined by equation z = z^2+c they claim for themselves that they are not chaotic at all.
Kris Vunic (bass, vocals)
Pavle Valerjev (guitars vocals)
Raul Jereb (guitars vocals)
Željko Anic (drums only)

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Rock Caffe, PulaFriday, 27.3.2009. 22:00
Bebè na Volè in Istria

Bebè na Volè is a project with a documentary approach in mind. It will feature a chain of recordings containing bits and pieces, as well as finished forms of my musical work.
Bebè na Volè officially began in June 2004. and it will be an ongoing project.
Don't miss BNV from Zagreb in Rock Caffe, Pula, Istra (Istria ), Croatia

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Rock Club Uljanik, PulaFriday, 27.3.2009. 21:00
Dubioza kolektiv in club Uljanik

Dubioza kolektiv is band from Bosnia founded in 2003 from members of Gluho doba against Def Age (Zenica) - Adisa Zvekic, Adis Zvekic, Almir Hasanbegovic - and Ornamenti (Sarajevo) - Brano Jakubovic and Vedran Mujagic. Latter, guitarist Armin Busatlic (ex- SCH, Beastly Stroke), a drummer Senad Suta and percussionist Orhan Oha Maslo joined Dubioza kolektiv.

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House of Croatian defenders, PulaFriday, 27.3.2009. 19:00
Concert of Karlovac Chamber Orchestra

VIOLIN: Zeljka Stojanov, Marija Barac, Vedran Mikic, Ivica Corbic, Nikolina Doric, Mirna Bolf, Velimir Cvijanovic, Sanja Cvijanovic, Marina Muic, Zeljka Cusic, Kresimir Stojanov- VIOLA : Nikola Ceran, Danijela Zmazek, Jelena Gracin - CELLO: Lovro Kovacevic, Tomo Rozman, Vanda Jankovic - BASS : Goran Cvijanovic, Sven Buic - PIANO: Lana Bradac

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Ex -barracks Karlo Rojc, PulaSaturday, 21.3.2009. 22:00
.::SPRING EQUINOX::. Underground - K.Rojc - Pula - Istria ...

.::SPRING EQUINOX::. Underground - K.Rojc - Pula - Istra
DJ set:
Sale (Mars Room)
Alen (Mars Room)
Nesho (Mars Room)
Decorations by: Mars Room
Entrance: 20kn

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Hotel Histria, PulaSaturday, 21.3.2009. 22:00
Tribute to AZRA - Big Bang @ Night Club Histria

The best Azra tribute band from Split plays in Istra ( Istria) - at Night Club Histria, Pula.
Free Entrance.

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Caffe bar Mimoza, PulaSaturday, 21.3.2009. 21:00

Ruiz are three guys in their mid-twenties who play their own version of energetic and dance rock and roll. For Ruiz the year 2009 will be marked by the promotion of their first album ... ERUPT @ Cafe bar Mimoza, Istra ( Istria ), Croatia.

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