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May 2009.

RovinjSaturday, 30.5.2009. 23:00

Alen Sforzina ::: Tom Jay ::: Make ::: Crazy Lemon
Start: 23h ::: End: 06h
Entry: 50kn

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Theatre Gandusio , RovinjSaturday, 9.5.2009.
Gandusiana – Kimmo Pohjonen

Kimmo Pohjonen - accordion, voice
with Heikki Iso-Ahola – sound design
Ari "Valo” Virtanen - light design
Finnish accordion adventurist Kimmo Pohjonen’s singular mission is to expand the capabilities, sound, scope, performance and experience of the accordion to levels never before attempted, seen or heard. Accordion, voice, effects, surround sound and light show combine to make a unique and captivating performance event.
Organized by PUO Rovinj

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Theatre Gandusio , RovinjWednesday, 6.5.2009. 17:00
Musical Wednesday: Elda Krajcar Percan, Vedran Vojnic

Two musicians will present themselves as performers, as well as authors of the performed works . Vedran Vojnic often writes arrangements and adjusts the repertoire of instruments to play, and Elda Krajcar Percan opted for composing world, and we will have the opportunity to listen and their achievements.

Elda Krajcar Percan, piano
Vedran Vojnic, percussion
At all events "Musical Wednesday" will participate students.
Organized by Open University of Rovinj
Admission free

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Theatre Gandusio , RovinjSaturday, 2.5.2009. 21:00
Gandusiana – Bratko Bibič and the Medleys

Branko Bibič concert in Rovinj's Gandusio.
The music of Bratko Bibič is paradoxical: simple and complex, serious and funny, cerebral and silly. Tender melodies, pure as folk songs, are embroidered with wordless jabbering vocals and strange sound effects. A tune goes around in a circle, hypnotically repetitive, then shoots off in a different direction. Rhythms swerve, stop, and start. A clarinet wails, a violin murmurs and squeals, a music box tinkles. At the heart of it all is the accordion: Bibič plays with the many different sounds the instrument can make, from the roar of the full-throated reeds to the breathing of bellows without keys and the voiceless click of keys without bellows.

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