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April 2009.

VrsarWednesday, 29.4.2009. 19:00
Fisherman's feast @ Vrsar , Istra ( Istria)

Fisherman's feast
Folklore, fun games, fun music, culinary offer of sea food.
Organizer: TO Vrsar

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RabacSunday, 26.4.2009.
Voga Tereferika

For the past nine years the start of the summer season is celebrated with a race boats called "Voga Teleferika." The competition takes place in the waters of the harbor along the trafficking "shore-Teleferika": the delicious smell of sardines to the broiler and happiness of the festival village will ensure that the effort of the participants vanishes in a flash!

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UmagSaturday, 25.4.2009. 22:00
Opening Party @ Daylight cocktail bar

Cocktail bar Daylight, Katoro b.b, Umag invites you to a big Opening Party!

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Saturday, 25.4.2009.
6th Long Walk Day

This walk marking Planet Earth Day roughly lasts 12 hours, and along the 40 km long trail you will surely enjoy the diversity of Istrian landscape - mountains and hills, bare rocky countryside, forests, meadows, villages and towns... And not to forget the breathtaking view of Kvarner Bay and the island of Cres!
Organizer: PD Skitaci

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RovinjFriday, 24.4.2009. - 26.4.2009.

Plays: Problem Child - AC/DC truibute band

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BujeWednesday, 15.4.2009. - 19.4.2009.
"Šparogada" (Asparagus Festivity) @ Kaštel - Buje, Istra

Asparagus is a top culinary delicacy that has been recognized in these parts since a long time ago. "Šparogada" has been held in Kaštel for a long period of time, arranging the preparation and degustation of domestic specialties based on asparagus, as well as other cultural and entertainment activities.

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GračišćeMonday, 13.4.2009.
Wines of Central Istria Festival

Wine festival of central Istria in Gračišće will be held traditionally on the Easter Monday and then the streets of medieval Istrian town became a large open air winebar, and a medieval churches, decorated with ancient frescoes, in the exhibition areas.
And, to top it off - there is a concert of the merriest band in Istra ( Istria ) - GUSTAFI!
Organizer: Town Gracisce, Istra ( Istria )

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PorečSaturday, 11.4.2009. 12:00 - 13.4.2009.
Easter in POREČ, Istra ( Istria )

11 April - 12,00 opening with the Mosaico Choir and speeches by the Mayor, Director of the Tourist Association and President of Bio Istra ; Performance by the Delfini, a youth brass band from Poreč ; Performance by the Baredinosaurus musicians from 13,00 – 17,00 ; Confections exhibit and promotion – cakes, pralines, chocolates...; Traditional Easter Breakfast exhibit (green onions, ham, Easter eggs, traditional Easter sweet bread and bread)
12 April - Traditional Easter breakfast – free of charge for all ; Distribution of 1500 Easter eggs with the Balun Folklore Group from Pula ; Performance by the Wind Orchestra from Pula ; Performance by traditional folklore groups ; Preparation of silk sweets ; Happening with colourful traditional Istrian coookies, kroštule and cukerančići
13 April - Performance by the Delfini, a youth brass band from Poreč; Preparation of natural fruit juices; Sale of baked goods and other things with a 50% discount

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Saturday, 11.4.2009. - 13.4.2009.
Easter @ Istria ( Istra )

11.04.2009 - 12.04.2009 - Rovinj ; M. Tito Square
11.04.2009 - 12.05.2009 - Pula; Portarata - Easter program
12.04.2009 - 13.04.2009 - Umag - Easter greeting @ special program
12.04.2009 - Rabac, Riva - Easter greeting from 11,00 to 13,00 - Municipal Orchestra Labin, Easter Eggs and sweet bread free for all

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BaleFriday, 10.4.2009. - 11.4.2009.

10. & 11. April 2009 in Bale, near Pula, Istra ( Istria )

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