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December 2008.

PorečWednesday, 31.12.2008. 22:00
Open air New Year in Porec

Porec invites you to welcome the New 2009 at the Freedom Square with a famous Croatian rock group Prljavo kazaliste along with local Koktels band and a rich gastronomic offering - "Istra style"

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UmagWednesday, 31.12.2008. 22:00
New Year in Umag

Umag is ready to enter in the New Year and invites you to the Freedom Square for an open air celebration. Party starts at 10 PM. Have a great New Year in Istria!

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RovinjWednesday, 31.12.2008. 22:00
New Year's ‘Final Odyssey’ in Monvi

New Year's celebration in Rovinj's Monvi center is definitely place to be because of the program named 'Final Odyssey' with lotsa well-known DJs.

On the main floor will be Rijeka's bomber Ogi, then Make, Raul, Micha & Mirzinho, D-fuse, Guido, Nexus, Krekman and Innaca and on the floor prive'e - Alen Sforzina, Lemon, Mark Ash , Seraphim Codex, Pacco & Rudy B, XXL, Unique vs. Rich, lighter and Bebetto.
Monvi Center – Rovinj / Club TEMPLE - Ticket :120 HRK

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Rock Club Uljanik, PulaWednesday, 31.12.2008. 21:00
New Year Eve's Party - Uljanik's Generations' Encounter

For all the tireless veterans of generations' encounters this year Uljanik Rock Club in Pula, Istria organizes the great retro New year welcome with guest DJ team and resident DJs of Uljanik to party together until the morning!

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FORUM, PulaWednesday, 31.12.2008. 21:00
New Year's Eve in PULA: Severina&TBF&Le Monde

The manifestation "December in the City end with festive concert of Severina&TBF&Le Monde (Istra)
Happy New Year!

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RovinjWednesday, 31.12.2008. 21:00
New Year's Eve in Rovinj with Tony Cetinski

Tony Cetinski will sing for Rovinj's New Year open-air celebration on Marshal Tito Square along with band Dream project from Istria.
Organizer: City of Rovinj

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PulaWednesday, 31.12.2008. 18:00
New Years Seasplash party

Seasplash Association & Mushroom Bar organize New Year's Eve Seasplash Reggae & Jungle party in Pula, Istra.

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Caffe bar Mimoza, PulaWednesday, 31.12.2008. 12:00
Concert at Noon

VIS The Thunderbirds and special guest Matija Skoda plays at noon at Mimoza Caffe, Pula - Istria, as a warm up to New Year's Eve wild celebration!

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The Market of Pula, PulaTuesday, 30.12.2008. 10:30
Supernova Promenade

Don't miss Supernova Promenade Concert at Pula's market on Tuesday, December 30th, at 10.30 AM.

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RovinjMonday, 29.12.2008. 12:00
Holiday Fun for everybody

29/12/2008-12:00 Trg M. Tita- Fun for kids, MILK - Pula: Clowns performance, animators, fairy tales characters
29/12/2008-19:00, Trg M. Tita - Fun for elders - «Duo Kalimero»
20:00-MM centar-ŠQUERBANDS – music&dance with Bands from Rovinj, Istra

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