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January 2009.

Friday, 30.1.2009.
Museum Night 2009.

Historical Museum of Istria will take part in the event "Museum Night" on Janury the 30th so and open to the public shelter underneath the museum. Museum of the City of Umag will join as well with two part event in the "Museum Night".
Museums across Croatia will open their doors in the cities of Bjelovar, Cakovec, Dubrovnik, Karlovac, Kastav, Koprivnica, Korcula, Makarska, Ogulin, Osijek, Pula, Rijeka, Slavonski Brod, Split, Umag, Virovitica, Vukovar, Zadar and Zagreb...Similar events have been staged in many European cities and in which museums open their doors to late into the night and stage elaborate programs.

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Caffe bar Mimoza, PulaWednesday, 28.1.2009. 21:00
Ivan Hrvatska - Croatian Party

Unforgettable concert - Croatian Party with Ivan Hrvatska - pop/alternative/electro at Caffe Mimoza. He is ""SLAVIC LOVER, ROCKER, AND CAPTIAN OF THE CROATIAN DRINKING TEAM SINCE 2002".

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Istrian National Theatre, PulaTuesday, 27.1.2009. 20:00
The Empty Room at the Sun

Dance performances inspired by the works of American visual artist Edvvard Hopper. Three performers on stage are at the same time together and alone, alone and together. Minimalist physical presence on the scene and reflect the internal situation. Travel, review and experience.
idea and choreography: Aleksandra Misic
Performers: Branko Bankovic, Elda Kosanovic-Radovik and Aleksandra Misic
Original music: Tamara Obrovac
Choice of music: Aleksandra Misic

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Caffe bar Mimoza, PulaSaturday, 24.1.2009. 22:00
Istrian punk rockers on stage

THE BILLS (Rovinj) - Punk rock/w JOHN DEAR (Rovinj/Poreč) - Punk/rock/garage/ Istria

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BaleSaturday, 24.1.2009. 20:00
Franko Krajcar plays Pensieri

Musician from Istria, Franko Krajcar will play tonight in sportshall Bale music from his new album PENSIERI.
The album “Pensieri” (ital. thoughts, reflections, remembrances, memories) is an ethno work, a combination of electronics and ambiance, in which the author, at the same time songwriter and singer, introduces ten songs, along with two interpretations of traditional songs and one instrumental interpretation. Since Krajcar plays on a large number of instruments (classical, as well as traditional), most of the songs in this album were played by him.

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Saturday, 24.1.2009. 16:00 - 27.1.2009.
World Handball Championship - Presidents cup /Poreč, Pula/

National teams that will not manage to qualify for the second round as one of the three first ranked teams from groups A,B,C and D will play the President's Cup from 24 January until 27 January in the cities of Poreč and Pula.
Today 27.01.2009:
POREČ, 20:00 - for 13th place : ESP : EGY
PULA, 19:00 - for 15th place : RUS : ROU
POREČ, 18:00 - for 17th place : TUN : ARG
PULA, 17:00 - for 19th place : ALG : CUB
POREČ, 16:00 - for 21st place : BRA : KUW
PULA , 15:00 - for 23rd place : AUS : KSA

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MedulinSaturday, 24.1.2009.
Bojan Rajovic in Discotheque Beautifull

Bojan Boban Rajovic Pyromaniac is currently one of the popular singers of folk music in the Balkans. .
Bojan Rajovic in Discotheque Beautifull 24.01.2009 in Medulin. Entry 50 kunas

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PulaSaturday, 24.1.2009.
Winter party - MK "Moto CB"

Come to the Winter party and a spend have a good time in bikers company at Winter Party in Istria, Pula. Food and buzz all at affordable prices, good music and super hot striptease in restaurant Gardelin, Pula. Organizer: MK "Moto CB"
Music: The night express band

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Ex -barracks Karlo Rojc, PulaFriday, 23.1.2009. 22:00
F.R.K. and BLC presents DOKI DOK

F.R.K. and BLC presents DOKI DOK on Friday, January 23rd in Rojc. Warm up: DJ PHUNK LEXX , DJ FRESHEDIJONES and TEDDY LEE. Organized by: Pula Student Association.
Entrance free.

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ŽminjFriday, 23.1.2009. 22:00
Vinyl Concert in Orbano, Zminj

Cover rock band The Vinyl Trio from Rijeka plys again in Istria, this time in Zminj, at Orbano.

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