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January 2009.

PulaFriday, 23.1.2009. 22:00
Lemon Pie Concert

Lemon Pie plays still for free at KC Hosana, Pula (Krležina 39, Veruda)
They are: Vanja Balen (guitars, drums and vocals), Ivan Macan (bass guitar & vocals), Marko Radolović (guitars, piano & vocals) and Igor Zenzerović (keyboards & vocals)
Worth seeing!

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Rock Club Uljanik, PulaFriday, 23.1.2009. 21:00

The traditional Tribute to rock musicians who left an unforgetable music to us in Uljanik's two halls (Istra, Pula). TRIBUTE TO: The Clash, Nirvana, Queen, The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, The Ramones, Sex Pistols, Metallica, T. Rex, Thin Lizzy, James Brown, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Joy Division, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Janis Joplin, Alice In Chains, Pantera, Rhandy Roads (ex Ozzy Osbourne), Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Atomsko sklonište, EKV, Šarlo akrobata, Bijelo dugme, Ulični, Problemi, Gola jaja... Free entrance.

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Istrian National Theatre, PulaFriday, 23.1.2009. 20:00
Blue Friday

BLUE FRIDAY is a dance performance created by the idea of Andrea Gotovina, and realized in cooperation with Robert Milevoj and Ivan Blagajčević. In the intimate atmosphere they make alive moments, images and the melancholic past and present, and the interpretation and regression translate into physical condition.
Idea: Andrea Gotovina
Choreography and performance: Andrea Gotovina, Robert Milevoj, Ivan Blagajčević
Program dedicated to 60th anniversary of INT – CT Pula.

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Istrian National Theatre, PulaThursday, 22.1.2009. 20:00
Second for One

Program dedicated to celebration of 60th anniversary of Istrian National Theatre – CT Pula. In the show "Second for One" Matija Ferlin investigates performative opportunities provided by theme of love relationships, the experiences of falling in and out of love, fraud, flirting, sin and other sensations in the relationship between two people. Performers: actress Dijana Vidušin and Matija Ferlin.
Director and choreographer: Matija Ferlin
Music: Willem MILIČEVIĆ, John ARNOLD

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Max Magnus, PazinMonday, 19.1.2009. 22:00
TBA ft.Gekko, Flip & EasyAgent

Get some rhythm in Istria - Max Magnus, Pazin: TBA ft.Gekko, Flip & EasyAgent

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Caffe bar Mimoza, PulaSaturday, 17.1.2009. 22:00

Band members: VEX (lead guitar/back vocals), ZHDEX (drums), MICHO a.k.a. MISLAV (bass guitar), SIXX (2nd guitar), GABI X (lead vocals/lyrics). They follow the "idea of the band to sound vintage sixties garagey"... Rock/Garage/Blues

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Rovinjsko SeloSaturday, 17.1.2009. 17:00
Antonja 2009 - wine, olive oil and Drazen Zecic

18th Exhibition of wines and Olive Oil. Wine and olive producers, as well as gourmets, expect a very good quality, so they would collect gold medals and awards. There are 68 samples of wines and 43 of olive oils, which will be analyzed and assessed by the experts. With good wine, local cuisine and a bit of folklore, guests will entertain Drazen Zecic.

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OpatijaSaturday, 17.1.2009. 11:00 - 25.2.2009.

At the time of carnival, Kvarner takes centre stage of Croatian crarnival, masked fancy-dress parties providing a memorable experience fused with Mediterranean and Continental influences. Almost every place holds carnival festivities, and some towns have several carnival festivities at the same time. Opatija holds carnival events in tents, halls in the streets at Liburnia Riviera Hotels. During the same day in Opatija riviera, you can participate in children's carnival festivities, in the evening, join some of the masked balls.

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Caffe bar P14, PulaFriday, 16.1.2009. 21:00
From Clash to Celentano

Istrian DJ Filjo will tonight mix the old hits "From Clash to Celentano" in the café P 14 in Pula. Begins in 21:00.

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Rock Caffe, PulaFriday, 16.1.2009. - 22:00
The Vinyl Trio

The Vinyl trio from Rijeka goes to Istria to the play at Rock Cafe. They guarantee a good pop / rock music, and invite you to support and have fun with - The Vinyl Trio!
Goran Vrkic - Gorky - guitar / vocals
Zeljko Kirincic- Kirya - bass / vocals
Uroš Šuljić - Shuljo - drums

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