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October 2009.

PulaSunday, 18.10.2009.
Cravat Day @ Pula, Istria

Cravat Day, celebrated on the 18th of October will be marked on Thursday in Pula. Renowed artist Branka Legović from Istria in collaboration with other artists, Academy CRAVATICA and Dino Bedrina will open the cravat exhibition in the studio Augusta at the Forum.
The exhibition Cravat Croata with artistictouch will be held in Tourist Board premises. Its contribution will give Cvajner gallery, coffee bars Siren and Ulysses whose employees will wear a cravat designed by Branka Legović, Natasha Prince and Neva Legović.

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Disco Bar Kukuruku, PazinSaturday, 17.10.2009. 23:00 - 18.10.2009. 05:00

Four DJs on two floors - Corrado, Danny, Salle and Montecchi, hostess, Jagermeister gifts, 0.33 green Heineken bottles bring the every customer Award - fluorescent wand - stick party...@ Kukuriku !

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Aruba Club, PulaSaturday, 17.10.2009.
Resident & Sax @ Aruba

Dj Phunk Lexx & Dj KOLE + young talented Saxophonist Ivo Prodan!

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Saturday, 17.10.2009.
 7th Učka Mountain Trek 2009

Race where competitors in the shortest possible time have to finish given race course. They do this in means of walking or running, following mandatory control points by given order. During the race athletes are carrying all mandatory equipment, food and drink witch they need.
The race course is changed every year.
The exact course, number and position of control points will be announced on our web site one day before the race.

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RašaSaturday, 17.10.2009.
The 4th meeting of accordionists @ Raša, Istria

Dvorana RKUD-a (Hall)
The 4th meeting of accordionists will take place in the hall of the RKUD Rudar in Raša, bringing together more than 40 participants from Labin and its suburbs.

Accordion lovers will be offered a full day’s enjoyment with a variety of excellent musicians performing Istrian folk music, polkas, typical Dalmatian songs and international evergreens. RKUD Rudar is the main organizer of this manifestation.

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Multimedial Club Atelier, PorečSaturday, 17.10.2009. - 18.10.2009. 04:00
DJ SPILLER @ MMC Atelier Closing Down

The last of known Closing Down Parties at MMC Atelier is DJ Spiller (Venice/Berlin, Nano Records) the tallest DJ in the world.
In 2006, Spiller released "Jumbo", last single released to date, peaked straight to #1 on the Buzz Chart. Due out soon, Spiller's new version of "Sola" featuring vocals by Theo (Freestylers "Push Up").
Have a smashing Closing Down Party at MMC Atelier, Porec, Istria!
Start: 22:00

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Saint & Sinner, PorečFriday, 16.10.2009. 22:00
Special Friday @ Saint & Sinner

Special Friday With DJ Itto

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Club Monte Serpente, PulaFriday, 16.10.2009. 20:00 - 17.10.2009. 05:00
Live band @ Monte Serpente

16.10.2009. Live band

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UmagFriday, 16.10.2009. - 25.10.2009.
Wellness Days @ Umag

The health and beauty centres of Umag will open their doors offering special programmes during a week of unforgettable health and beauty experiences. The attractive event “Health and Beauty Days” includes a stay in a high category hotel, half board, with daily entrance to the health and beauty centres with use of the saunas, whirlpools, indoor pools, massages, afternoon serving of tea and biscuits, presentations and tastings of Istrian wines and olive oil. This event will bring fruit fragrances into your room, with views over the open sea and the perfume of the sea.

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PulaFriday, 16.10.2009. - 18.10.2009.
7. Hand made fest @ Pula, istria

A visit to this lively festival shouldn't be missed since it brings together at one place handicraftsmen, freelance artists, artisans, hobbyists, designers, decorators, producers, creative workshops and all other creative artists whose task is to present "on the spot" a creative item or product - unique piece of jewelry, clothing, ornaments, souvenirs, furniture, paintings, but also the art of body painting, hair-styling, massage, etc. Be sure to express your own creativity at one of the many organized workshops – drawing, silk painting, making jewelry from various material...

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