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October 2009.

Aruba Club, PulaSaturday, 10.10.2009. - 11.10.2009. 05:00
Opening Party @ Aruba, ISTRIA

On Saturday 10.10.09. starting at midnight begins a new era of night entertainment in Pula, Istria. Come to the opening party of Disco Club Aruba, with a special program, our resident DJ's PHUNK LEX & dj KOLE, dancers, mc's, Alex Donatti nad DJ RENO (Carpe Diem)!
Admission is normally FREE.

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OprtaljSaturday, 10.10.2009.
Chestnut Day @ Oprtalj

1st Chestnut Day in Oprtalj offers plenty of chestnut delicacies, honey, young wine and entertainment. Music: band Fjaka.

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Rock Caffe, PulaFriday, 9.10.2009. 22:00

FRANKO KRAJCAR & INDIVIA: Franko Krajcar (vocals, duplice, Roženica, violin, saxophone, mih), Mauro Giorgi (electric guitar), Mladen Parezanović (bass), Dean Kolic (keyboards) and Roberto Legović (drums)
Free admission.

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Club Monte Serpente, PulaFriday, 9.10.2009. 22:00 - 10.10.2009. 05:00

Croatian musib by DJ XXXL. Promo vigor vodka night.

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Max Magnus, PazinFriday, 9.10.2009.
Big Wave @ Max Magnus

Big Wave cover band from Rovinj, Istria plays in Max Magnus! Great fun!

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Rock Club Uljanik, PulaThursday, 8.10.2009. 22:00
Club Uljanik Student Party

Thursday at Uljanik is reserved for all students and those who feel lake that, for all those who want fun, enjoyment, dancing, jumping, singing, celebrating, cheering, drinking, spending, mingling, seduction, embrace, love, touching, exchanging numbers, stories, gossip, wave, whistle, ordering, grimace, buffoonery, showtime, climbing on the bar, pushing, loughing and of course to PARTY! DJ program.

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Club Monte Serpente, PulaThursday, 8.10.2009. 20:00
Gastronomic event: Istrian Wines & Ham

Second gastronomic event in a row as a promotion of the cultural heritage of Istria and the Istrian winemakers as well as Istrian ham producers. This time is promoted the renowned winemaker Bruno Trapani from Pula with Malvasia and Cabernet Sauvignon wines & Vosten Istrian ham.
Entertainment: Sladonja and black Alexander orchestra.

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RovinjThursday, 8.10.2009. - 11.10.2009.
Argentine Tango Festival @ Rovinj, Istria

Argentine Tango Festival with guest performances of international and local instructors .

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Multimedia Center, RovinjThursday, 8.10.2009. - 18.10.2009.
South America 24 miles: Renco Kosinožić & Željko Burić

Photo Exhibition: South America 24 miles, Renco Kosinozic and Zeljko Buric
The exhibition is open from 10-12:00 and 18-20:00
Admission free

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TF Club Big Blue, PulaThursday, 8.10.2009. - 10.10.2009.
Big Blue Verudela - Weekend No3

All-night action buy vodka get Stock
- Buy stock age vodka

22 to 01 actions 1 +1 for all the drinks order ...

Saturday - Hit MUJO Casserole PARTY ...

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