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February 2009.

GrožnjanTuesday, 24.2.2009. 15:00
Carnival in Groznjan

Days od Carnival celebrations in Groznjan, Istra (Istria)!
Organizer: TO Groznjan

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PorečSunday, 22.2.2009. 19:00
Night od Darbari Kathak Indian Dance

Days od Indian culture in POU Porec, Istra (Istria). Darbari Kathak - 19:00 Theatre POU Porec.
Entry 25 kn.
Kathak is the classical dance style of North India. The word Kathak is derived from katha , meaning "a story", and hence the word Kathak means a storyteller who recounted mythological tales in the temples and danced them in a state of ecstasy. Having its origin in the sacred text known as the Natya Shastra , set to be divinely inspired through the sage Bharata, it has become one of the most comprehensive and expressive languages of movement in the world.

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RovinjSunday, 22.2.2009. 18:00
Ballet Homage to Rovinj

H.K.D. Franjo Glavinic dance studio and "Allegro" from Rovinj in Rovinj, MM center
Guests: Students of ballet school Carlotta Grissom from Umag, Rhythmic gymnastics club "Roxanne" and a students of music school , "Vladimir Nazor from Rovinj.

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PorečSunday, 22.2.2009. 14:00
Carnival Porec

Porec, Istra (Istria) Carnival Parade - February 22nd, 14:00 - 16:00

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Rock Club Uljanik, PulaSaturday, 21.2.2009. 22:30
Welcomin' Committee in Flames

The Welcomin' Committee In Flames are clubbing attraction.By its energical and honest performances does not leave anyone indifferent.
The Welcomin 'Committee In Flames are: Kazuko Kono-vocals, Dodo Eichmann-guitar,
Mr. Drumsonic-drums. Small Hall of Club Uljanik.

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Multimedial Club Atelier, PorečSaturday, 21.2.2009. 22:00

Resident DJ. Jazzoom combines acid jazz funky music from the beginning 90-ies such as Jamiroquai, Us3, Morcheeba, and dance Electronics Fat Boy Slim, Moby, Molok, Chemical Brothers, prodigy. It can be heard and Jovanotti, Fun Lovin Criminals, Jestofunk, Dino Dvornik, Jinx, TBF and many others for Saturday's fun and always a good dancing with Atelier team.

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Club Monte Serpente, PulaSaturday, 21.2.2009. 22:00
Turn it Loud at Monte Serpente

DJ Alexandar - (i:face Belgrad)
Rene Aka Maker - (South American House - Zagreb)
DJ Ziko (Monte Serpente - Pula)
Entrance: 30 kn

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BaleSaturday, 21.2.2009. 21:00
Carnival: The night express band in Bale

The night express band plays in Bale for the Carnival party.
Band members: Norman:vocal and bass ; Zlayo:keyboard and vocal
; Feđa:guitar and vocal Loris:drums and sax

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Memorial Centre Pazin, PazinSaturday, 21.2.2009. 20:00
30th Anniversary of Choir "Roženice" : "OUR THIRTY"

Mixed Choir Rozenice celebrates 30th anniversary in Pazin, Istra ( Istria ) named "Our Thirty". Guests - Folk Society Pazin.

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Istrian National Theatre, PulaSaturday, 21.2.2009. 20:00
Tamara Obrovac Transhistria Electric

Tamara Obrovac vocal, composition
Ziga Golob, el. bass
Krunoslav Levacic drums
Joe Kaplovitz, keyboard
Luka Žužić, trombone
Branko Šterpin, trumpet
Michael Gyorek, alto saxofon
Uroš Rakovec el. guitar

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