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March 2009.

Istrian National Theatre, PulaTuesday, 31.3.2009. 12:30 - 20:00
Lana ŠARIĆ - Skyscraper

Gala Premiere: March 27th 2009.
Premiere: March 28th 2009.
Director: Edvin Liverić, Dramaturgy: Lana Saric, Author of music: Marin Alvin, Scenic design: Lara Badurina, Costume designer: Natasha Mihaljčišin, Projections and Lights' Design : Nenad Glavan
Characters: Dino: Philip Lugaric, Andi: Vedran Živolić, Monika: Lana Gojak, Toni: Luka Juricic, Cleaner: Mirjana Sinozic
INK, Pula, Istra ( Istria )

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RovinjMonday, 30.3.2009. - 5.4.2009.
ETHNOFILm - Days of Ethnographic and Documentary Film

Hotel "Park", Theater "Gandusio," Hotel "Adriatic", County Museum of Rovinj,
Ecomuseum "House of Batana"
The Ethnographic Museum of Istria invites You to “ETNOFILm – Days of ethnographic and documentary film” from 30.03. to 5.04. 2009 in Rovinj, ISTRA ( Istria ) Croatia.
During the festival, we will screen international and Croatian ethnographic films, exhibit ethnographic photographs from the Museum collections, have lectures and organize a film montage workshop.

We invite you to join us on the 6 day film montage workshop, where you can learn more about film montage and postproduction. Films made during the workshop will be screened on April the 5th, 2009.

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KANTRIDA SWIMMING POOL, RijekaSunday, 29.3.2009. 19:00
Water polo: Opatija VS Delfin

1B Croatia water polo league - 4th Rounf
Pool Kantrida, Sunday 29.03.2009. at 7.00 pm
Opatija: Delfin (Rovinj)

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Ex -barracks Karlo Rojc, PulaSaturday, 28.3.2009. 23:00
Meeting of Lost Generation 2

2nd Traditional Meeting of Lost Generation under the working title Making Love with the recession is for sure better way to deliver positivistic melancholic music from '70 of the last century to the present day.

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LabinSaturday, 28.3.2009. 22:00
 CHRIS DIS @ Dubrova, Labin @ Istra ( Istria)

Chris Dis
Christian Kohr aka Chris Dis can be counted to the most successful house DJs in the Cologne/Bonn region for the last 10 years.
Robert Matt
Mr. Marley
30kn until 01.00 40 kn afterwards

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Multimedial Club Atelier, PorečSaturday, 28.3.2009. 22:00
RETRO SOUND OF 70`s 80˙s & 90ś – dj. Gianni B.

Gianni B, the most experienced DJ from Porec, Istra ( Istria ) plays dance hits of remixed dance club music from the era of the Studio 54's funky rhythms to the first electronic disco hits of 80's and 90's. Positive atmosphere for the dance, to remember the everlasting hits and great fun for saturday night.

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Club Monte Serpente, PulaSaturday, 28.3.2009. 22:00
TECH ON LINE @ Monte Serpente

TECH ON LINE @ Monte Serpente 28.03.
Chromidome (SLO/HR) Maximize, ONElove, Sound of Comfort
Mateo Klaic (M. Losinj) Maximize, Sound of Comfort
V2 / Rovinj White Noise
Innaca vs D-Fuse / Pula The New Wave
Start : 22 : 00 - End : 05:00
Entry : 20 Kn before / 30 kn after 00:00

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Hotel Histria, PulaSaturday, 28.3.2009. 22:00
The Beatles Revival Band - Night Club Histria

The Beatles Revival Band was founded in 1994 as an expression of admiration and love for the music of the Fab Four from Liverpool, and the main originators of the whole story were Erik Malnar and Alen Širola (both from the group Belfast Food).
The group came into existence from musicians of various rock groups of Rijeka.
Check how good they are! Free entrance!

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Caffe bar Mimoza, PulaSaturday, 28.3.2009. 22:00
[mandelbrot set] @ Mimoza, Istra ( Istria )

Members of [mandelbrot set] are regularly defined by equation z = z^2+c they claim for themselves that they are not chaotic at all.
Kris Vunic (bass, vocals)
Pavle Valerjev (guitars vocals)
Raul Jereb (guitars vocals)
Željko Anic (drums only)

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Lamparna, LabinSaturday, 28.3.2009. 22:00
...::::NU BEATS ON THE BLOCK::::...

..::Breakbeat / Electronica / Nu Rave::..
Morpheuss ... (Underworld Theory / Filter / Rijeka)
Bokka... (ex Nešto Novo / Rijeka)
Andii G... (Freelancer / Labin) Istra ( Istria )
:::Techno / Electro / Minimal:::
Toxic... (Techart / Lamparna / Labin) Istra ( Istria )
Space Team... (Arabesque / Labin) Istra ( Istria )

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