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March 2009.

LabinSaturday, 28.3.2009. 21:00
2nd Rock memorial Vedran Česnik @ Fast food "X"

2nd rock memorial "Vedran Česnik" will be held in Fast Food "X" on Dubrova starting at 9 pm. Memorial is organized in honor of tragically deceased member of the group Rock Line Band, Vedran Česnik. Play: Rock Band Line, "1 Moj," The HUKSS "," Engine No86 and guests.

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Friday, 27.3.2009. 22:00
Jana @ Disco Beautifull @ Istra ( Istria )

Jana is coming to Istra (Istria ) to play&dance in Disco Beautifull, Medulin.
Entry 60 kn

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Rock Caffe, PulaFriday, 27.3.2009. 22:00
Bebè na Volè in Istria

Bebè na Volè is a project with a documentary approach in mind. It will feature a chain of recordings containing bits and pieces, as well as finished forms of my musical work.
Bebè na Volè officially began in June 2004. and it will be an ongoing project.
Don't miss BNV from Zagreb in Rock Caffe, Pula, Istra (Istria ), Croatia

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Multimedial Club Atelier, PorečFriday, 27.3.2009. 22:00
Live Ska Punk Reggae Fiesta! Circus - 2nd BIRTHDAY

They appeared and gathered in front of the audience in the Atelier two years ago for the first time, and since then they've been unstoppable all around Istra ( Istria ) & all od Croatia. News is that Circus is ready to go to studio to record new cd. We can hardly wait!

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Rock Club Uljanik, PulaFriday, 27.3.2009. 21:00
Dubioza kolektiv in club Uljanik

Dubioza kolektiv is band from Bosnia founded in 2003 from members of Gluho doba against Def Age (Zenica) - Adisa Zvekic, Adis Zvekic, Almir Hasanbegovic - and Ornamenti (Sarajevo) - Brano Jakubovic and Vedran Mujagic. Latter, guitarist Armin Busatlic (ex- SCH, Beastly Stroke), a drummer Senad Suta and percussionist Orhan Oha Maslo joined Dubioza kolektiv.

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House of Croatian defenders, PulaFriday, 27.3.2009. 19:00
Concert of Karlovac Chamber Orchestra

VIOLIN: Zeljka Stojanov, Marija Barac, Vedran Mikic, Ivica Corbic, Nikolina Doric, Mirna Bolf, Velimir Cvijanovic, Sanja Cvijanovic, Marina Muic, Zeljka Cusic, Kresimir Stojanov- VIOLA : Nikola Ceran, Danijela Zmazek, Jelena Gracin - CELLO: Lovro Kovacevic, Tomo Rozman, Vanda Jankovic - BASS : Goran Cvijanovic, Sven Buic - PIANO: Lana Bradac

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Memorial Centre Pazin, PazinFriday, 27.3.2009. 11:00
Mali kanat - Little singing @ Istra ( Istria ) & PGC

9th meeting of the children and youth choirs. Attend choirs of music schools and elementary schools from Istria and Primorje-Gorski Kotar County.
Organizer: POU Pazin, Istra ( Istria )

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Narodni dom, BuzetFriday, 27.3.2009. - 28.3.2009.
12th KIK - Festival of a capella bands of Istra & Kvarner

From this year Buzet will host Festival of "klapa" bands (a capella bands) from Istria and Kvarner. 12th festival in a row, known as a KiK Fest "We've gained all the treasure by singing" will be held at the People's home in Buzet on Friday and Saturday, March 27th and 28th 2009.
There will be two evenings: Friday-evening of female klapas, and on Saturday evening - male a capella singers of Istria and Kvarner.

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Multimedial Club Atelier, PorečThursday, 26.3.2009. 22:00

This is not a concert of Gustafi, this is a mini-tour. Edi and team will play only new songs which will be recorded next month in the studio for a new album. In the Atelier, Porec, Istra ( Istria ) you can be first to hear what are Gustafi preparing. Admission is free.

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Caffe Bar Zen, PulaThursday, 26.3.2009. 11:00
BARMEN'S DAY in Pula, Istra ( ISTRIA )

International Competition of BARMEN - THE BARMEN'S DAY will be held on Thursday, March 26th in the Café Bar Zen Pula from 11:00 to 02:00 h

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