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March 2009.

Memorial Centre Pazin, PazinMonday, 16.3.2009. 19:00
Brass Players Evening

In the first part of the concert performing horn players with piano accompaniment, and in the second part, the young players play Istrian traditional instruments with the presentation of instruments builders.
Organizer: POU Pazin Istra ( Istria ) and the youth music scene - Scena Musicale giovani dell 'Istria

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Multimedia Center, RovinjSunday, 15.3.2009. 17:00
Concert of Choir Virgo melodiosa (Ita) in Rovinj, Istra (Istria )

The Multimedia Center in Rovinj, Istra ( Istria ) hosts the Choir "Virgo melodiosa " from Latisana, Italy known for its alpine and folk singing.

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PazinSunday, 15.3.2009. 13:00
Pazincica Clearwater Revival

This year on the occasion of International Day of Water, Trickers are organizing the race Pazinčica Clearwater Revival.
The race is on Sunday, 15.03.2009. with start at 13:00.
Gathering: by the Memorial Hall, starting at the bridge Vršic (which is also the finish of the race) over the Pazin Cave near Kastel. At the end of the race will be lunch for the participants.
the media sponsor - Radio Istra

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RovinjSunday, 15.3.2009. 09:20
XII. International Long distance Regatta LIM 2009 ISTRA ( Istria )

The Croatian Rowing Federation, Istrian County Rowing Federation and Rowing Club ARUPINUM are organizing the XII. International Long Distance Regatta LIM 2009. The regatta will be held in the Lim Channel on Sunday 15. March 2009. at 9,20. The competition will be held according to the Rules of contest and Rules of implementation by Croatian Rowing Federation and FISA Rules of racing related by-laws. The Referee service is organized by the Croatian Rowing Federation. Eight (8) starting positions, flying start. If there are more candidates, then the start will be timed by stopwatch individually every ten minutes.

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Caffe bar Mimoza, PulaSaturday, 14.3.2009. 22:30
Mandrili's Tibet promotion

Music band Mandrili from Rijeka promote their third album "Tibet " (Aquarius Records / Spona) in Istra ( Istria ).
Mandrili ( Ri) in Caffe Bar MIMOZA, Pula, 22:30

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Max Magnus, PazinSaturday, 14.3.2009. 22:00
Spring Taste 2 @ Max Magnus, Istra ( Istria )

Your favorite hits plays DJ LUCA Montecchi @ the Disco Nght Spring Taste 2 on Saturday evening at Max Magnus @ Pazin, Istra ( Istria )

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Hotel Histria, PulaSaturday, 14.3.2009. 22:00
Crooks & Straights, country night

"Crooks & Straights" country band from Rijeka, Croatia, formed in October 1999.
In the competition of bands from all over Europe, they won the first prize and thereby, officially or unofficially, carried the title of the best European country band for the 2004/05 season. Enjoy with Crooks&Straights in Istra ( Istria ), Night Club Histria, Pula. Free entrance!

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LabinSaturday, 14.3.2009. 22:00
antitodor@Fast Food X

Todor - vocal ; Robac - bass ; Helidon - guitar ; Banila - guitar : Picek - drums
ANTITODOR in Fast Food C, Labin, Istra ( Istria )
PUNK is not dead.
BOOKING SHOWS: or on myspace / facebook site

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Multimedial Club Atelier, PorečSaturday, 14.3.2009. 22:00
FUNK `N`HOUSE GROOVES DJ.Easy Agent ( Eleganza Electronica)

Dj. Easy Agent plays quality funk music and combines it with house and electro beats, so that all fans of dance music come and dance, supporting this great dj. and music.
MMC ATELIER, Porec, Istra ( Istria )

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Theatre Gandusio , RovinjSaturday, 14.3.2009. 21:00
Gandusiana - Rundek Cargo Trio

For the concerts, Cargo mixes new and old from the rich repertoire of Rundek songs, always retaining a challenging and unpredictable atmosphere.
Organizer: Open University Rovinj

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