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April 2009.

LovranSunday, 19.4.2009.

During the Asparagus Festival, many restaurants and taverns will offer meals featuring asparagus and on the Final Events day, the traditional Asparagus Feast will be held, as well as the Liburnia Accordion Festival, planned music program and raffle. Later, in the evening, a giant frittata will be made in a 2 m diameter frying pan with 1000 eggs and 30 kg of asparagus
April 19th at main square - Final Party - large fried eggs with wild asparagus and 4th Gathering of Liburnija Accordion Players

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Aruba Club, PulaSaturday, 18.4.2009. 23:59
Jasmin Stavros @ Aruba Club, Pula, Istra / Istria /

Jasmin Stavros sings in Aruba CLub, pula, Istra ( Istria )
Entry: 50 kn

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Rock Club Uljanik, PulaFriday, 17.4.2009. 22:00
Explosive Concert of DETROIT7

Detroit 7 are one of Tokyo's most explosive bands, blasting out raw, Iggy Pop-inspired garage punk and dripping with showmanship. Detroit7, a three piece garage rock band formed in 2001. Tomomi NABANA, the guitarist and vocal, is the key person of the band and she sings hard and yet sometimes mellow. All the way from Japan to Istria! Don't miss it in Uljanik!

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Multimedial Club Atelier, PorečFriday, 17.4.2009. 22:00
Live Reggae Ska Punk Fiesta !!! CIRKUS - 2nd BIRTHDAY!!!

Circus celebrates its 2nd birthday with lot of good vibes and lively music!

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PorečFriday, 17.4.2009. - 18.4.2009.
Flower weekend in Poreč

"Flower weekend in Poreč" Marshal Tito Coast in Poreč, Istra ( Istria ) April 17th and 18th.

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Max Magnus, PazinFriday, 17.4.2009.
Drama Vol 7 @ Max Magnus, ISTRA (Istria)

Drama Vol 7 in MAx Magnus, Pazin, Istria
DJ FILIP and JUNGLIST ( Zg) Kingston Sound
Entry: 20 kn

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BujeFriday, 17.4.2009.
GUSTAFI: La Chupacabra Promo Tour @ KAŠTEL, Istra ( ISTRIA )

GUSTAFI @ SpringMarchLentAntirecessionInning @ ISTRA / Istria /
Apr 17 2009 - Concert @ Kaštel
JUST NEW SONGS (Brkica OUT) from new-coming-album LA CHUPACABRA

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Gallery Sincich, VišnjanThursday, 16.4.2009. 20:30 - 15.5.2009.
Exhibition "IMAGES OBJECTS": Armano JERICEVIC @ Gallery Sincich

Exhibition "IMAGES OBJECTS": Armano JERICEVIC @ Gallery Sincich from April 16th to May 15th. Opening: Marino Baldini

"Subtle reflection of life and life in harmony with nature, here and now, is his philosophy of life."

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Sports Hall Žatika, PorečWednesday, 15.4.2009. - 18.4.2009.
The world of Malvasia -  Vinistra

The world of Malvasia is the first international competition of Malvasia wines which will take place in Poreč on 15th April 2009 organized by the Region of Istra ( Istria ) and Vinistra - association of wine-growers and winemakers of Istra ( Istria ).

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BujeWednesday, 15.4.2009. - 19.4.2009.
"Šparogada" (Asparagus Festivity) @ Kaštel - Buje, Istra

Asparagus is a top culinary delicacy that has been recognized in these parts since a long time ago. "Šparogada" has been held in Kaštel for a long period of time, arranging the preparation and degustation of domestic specialties based on asparagus, as well as other cultural and entertainment activities.

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