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May 2009.

Memorial Centre Pazin, PazinWednesday, 13.5.2009. 19:00
 Teresa Trevisan & Flavio Zaccaria (Italy - Piano-Duo) @ Pazin, Istria

Flavio Zaccaria graduated from the Music Conservatory “B.Marcello” in Venice. Mr. Zaccaria began duo with the pianist Antonella Perini, where they were the only Italian piano duo honored in the International Chamber Music Competition “Provincia di Caltanissetta” and the International Piano Competition “Citta di Marsala.”
Teresa Trevisan was born in Palmanova and graduated “cum laude” from the Music Conservatory “G. Tartini” of Trieste.

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RočSunday, 10.5.2009. 14:00
"With accordian to Roc"

International Meeting for players of small diatonic harmonicas has been held in Roč since 1989. The aim of the meeting is to gather and present as many diatonic accordion players (popularly called "Triestino") and choose the representatives of Croatia who will participate in the competitive part of the International Festival of diatonic accordion in Italy.
Organizer of the encounter is CAS "Istrian railwayman Roc"

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RočSunday, 10.5.2009. 14:00
The violin playing men @ Roč, Istra ( Istria )

"The violin playing men" is the meeting of the violin players, established with the goal of revitalization of this traditional music, animation of new players and revitalized the rich repertoire of traditional music of "gunjci" (traditional basso players) in Istra ( Istria )

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UmagSunday, 10.5.2009. 10:30
20th International Semi Marathon "Riviera"
Run Cup Istria

(START) Umag, Nova Obala - Punta - Stella Maris - Katoro - Polinesia - Zambratija - Bašanija - Savudrija - Ravna dolina (return point for 21.1 km)
- Savudrija - Bašanija - Polinesia - Katoro - St. Maris - Punta - (FINISH) Nova Obala, Umag. CATEGORIES: 5.0 km, 10.0, 21.1 km
08:00 ... gethering and checking-in
10:30 ... starting all marathon cat. 5.0, 10.0, 21.1 km
12:00 ... pasta party for all competitors
13:30 ... award ceremony

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Hotel Histria, PulaSaturday, 9.5.2009. 22:30
ABBA TRIBUTE BAND @ Night Club Histria

ABBA TRIBUTE BAND @ Night Club Histria
Enjoy the music of one of the most popular bands in the world, dance & have a fun in Istria.

22:30 Free entry

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Club Monte Serpente, PulaSaturday, 9.5.2009. 22:00
Cooltura vol.2 @ Monte Serpente, Pula, Istria

line up: rene aka maker ......skywalkers aka deneem & dj ziko ....... jan fio
warm up: daniel rukavina-ruki ...... obeah
free promos

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RašaSaturday, 9.5.2009. 18:00
Bagpipes /meh/ in the heart

14th the encounter of meh (bagpipes) , dvojnica (twin flute), šurle (surle) and sopelica (Istrian long flute) musicians.
This less known Istrian instrument "MEH" might remind someone of the Scottish bagpipes, but wait until you hear its sound.

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Theatre Gandusio , RovinjSaturday, 9.5.2009.
Gandusiana – Kimmo Pohjonen

Kimmo Pohjonen - accordion, voice
with Heikki Iso-Ahola – sound design
Ari "Valo” Virtanen - light design
Finnish accordion adventurist Kimmo Pohjonen’s singular mission is to expand the capabilities, sound, scope, performance and experience of the accordion to levels never before attempted, seen or heard. Accordion, voice, effects, surround sound and light show combine to make a unique and captivating performance event.
Organized by PUO Rovinj

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UmagSaturday, 9.5.2009. - 10.5.2009.
CACIB Umag 2009.

In Umag, Istria, on the grounds of tourist resort Sol Stella Maris will be held "Cacib Umag 2009", international exhibition of dogs. The organizers of this event are the Croatian Kennel Club and the KS Istrian Hound.

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RabacSaturday, 9.5.2009. - 10.5.2009.
Labin Republic Regatta @ Rabac, Istria

Labin Republic Regatta, SC Kvarner, Rabac, Rabac waters

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