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May 2009.

LindarSunday, 3.5.2009.
Party without instruments

Making music with everything, just no with musical instruments... Old way

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Multimedial Club Atelier, PorečSaturday, 2.5.2009. 22:00

Resident dj. Jazzoom combines acid jazz funky music from the early 90-ies such as Jamiroquai, Us3, Morchebba, dance and electronics. +Jovanotti, Fun Lovin Criminals, Jestofunk, Dino Dvornik, Jinx, TBF and many others for Saturday's fun and always a DANCE the Atelier!

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Theatre Gandusio , RovinjSaturday, 2.5.2009. 21:00
Gandusiana – Bratko Bibič and the Medleys

Branko Bibič concert in Rovinj's Gandusio.
The music of Bratko Bibič is paradoxical: simple and complex, serious and funny, cerebral and silly. Tender melodies, pure as folk songs, are embroidered with wordless jabbering vocals and strange sound effects. A tune goes around in a circle, hypnotically repetitive, then shoots off in a different direction. Rhythms swerve, stop, and start. A clarinet wails, a violin murmurs and squeals, a music box tinkles. At the heart of it all is the accordion: Bibič plays with the many different sounds the instrument can make, from the roar of the full-throated reeds to the breathing of bellows without keys and the voiceless click of keys without bellows.

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FažanaSaturday, 2.5.2009. 17:00
Fažana School of salting pilchard

Fažana Fishing academy "Pilchard" opens up its doors to land and sea! A specially interesting activity is its "School of salting pilchard". It is a chance to try your hand at this old skill of the sea, cellar and kitchen, stand by the competitors who in marked tin containers arrange salted pilchard, using their knowledge handed down from generation to generation...
Children, locals, visitors, beginners and experts: they will all learn or say something about the needed amount of fish, salt, oil, spices...

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TC STELLA MARIS, UmagSaturday, 2.5.2009.
 Oliver Dragojević @ Umag - TC STELLA MARIS, ISTRA

At the tennis center Stella Maris will be a concert by Oliver Dragojevic titled: "SEA OF LOVE" to the accompaniment of String Orchestra, directed by Alan Bjelinski ..
Oliver will be on stage and join the top guitarist soloist Ante Gelo, saxophonist, a group of Dolphins, three back vocals, and very rich rhythm section.
Entry: 100 kn

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VišnjanSaturday, 2.5.2009.
World „Astronomy day“@ Višnjan, ISTRA

World „Astronomy day“@ Višnjan, ISTRA
Pulic Moon obervations in Visnjan's park
Organization: Astronomical Society Visnjan

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PulaFriday, 1.5.2009. 23:00
 Let’s dance @ Cube, Verudela, ISTRA

Let’s dance @ Cube.....with:
Raul [Boomerang : Vodnjan, HR]
Nexus [Boomerang : Vodnjan, HR]
Miche [Adult, Pornographic : Pula, HR]
Pulse .... Epic ....
Entry: 30 kn MEN.......FREE for W ;)

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Multimedial Club Atelier, PorečFriday, 1.5.2009. 22:00

Rock, Hard rock and heavy metal music plays DJ.KING PIN who lives in London and brings standard hits and some very interesting new bands that we "in the province" have not yet heard. To complete the evening - resident dj.PIONIR who will run domestic rock hits of Azra, Majke ( Mothers), Hladno pivo ( Cold Beer ), KUD Idijoti (CAC Idiots) and others.
MMC Atelier, Porec, Istra ( Istria )

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Night Club Histria, PulaFriday, 1.5.2009. 16:00 - 3.5.2009.

The three young men who gathered the today’s BELFAST FOOD (Sebastijan Mavric-fiddle, mandolin; Hrvoje Hodak - vocal, acoustic guitar, tin whistles and uilleann pipes; and Marko Anic - accordion, flute, acoustic guitar, vocal) started their work in 1992 (at the time they were called IMA TU NESHTO).
Mostly influenced by “THE CHIEFTAINS” and “THE DUBLINERS”, they also played the instrumental music of legendary folk groups The Bothy Band, Planxty, and De Dannan. This music is traditional dance music dating from the eighteenth century and is played fast and furious. In time they expanded the band (Erik Malnar - electric guitar, banjo, vocals; Alen Sirola - bass, mandolin; Bobo Grujicic - drums) and their horizons adding strong rock elements to the Irish sound. All in all, the special Irish atmosphere with the characteristic sounds is filled with the energy of rock and roll. Still the recognisable Irish sound is retained…

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Max Magnus, PazinFriday, 1.5.2009.

DJ PEERS www.myspace.com/djpeers
vadafunk ?!? /fra)
+ guest dj
Last Science Funktion in Pazin before the summer starts... Hope to see you all there...
start: 23:00

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