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June 2009.

MedulinMonday, 22.6.2009.
Ronald Braus & Jaksa Zlatar, Medulin – St. Agneza Church

The first in a series of concerts Medulin cultural summer will be held in Medulin's Church of St. Agneza by famous opera singer, baritone Ronald Braus and master of piano Jaksa Zlatar.

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VišnjanSunday, 21.6.2009. - 22.6.2009.
Astro Fest @ Visnjan (Tican) - Istria

Traditional summer gethering of sky lovers and curious people in the central Istra Peninsula, in the medieval city of Visnjan and the nearby Tican hill.
The gethering is to be held 21.& 22.06.2009. and offers: Astro wine selection; Astro/Fantasy musics festival; Summer solstice Sun wait; Sun, Moon, stars and planets; public observations; ATM- Telescope exposition; Optics and literature flea market; And of course, FUN!

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Monvi Center, RovinjSaturday, 20.6.2009. 23:00
TECH ON LINE @ Monvi Center - Temple, Istra

Location: Monvi Center - Temple - Start: 23 h, End: 06 h
PRICE: 50 Kn
Main techno floor; Siniša Tamamović (BIH) ; Mladen Tomić (BIH) ; V2 ; D-Fuse ; Innaca.
Prive'e house floor; Bebetto ; Chromidome ; Evan ; Fusion ; Lovejack.

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Dubrova, LabinSaturday, 20.6.2009. 20:00
LabINmusic Festival @ LABIN, Istria

Lot of good tunes with Hladno pivo, Marijan Ban, Gustafi & Nola
Organizers: Agency Vozila
Tickets: 90 kn pre-sale; 115 kn at the day of the concert

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Daylight Beach Club, UmagSaturday, 20.6.2009.
Pre-opening Party @ Daylight Beach Club, Istria

You are all invited at Pre-opening Party @ Daylight Beach Club, Umag. Be there, see the visul presentation of the DayLight Beach Club and get the tickets for the Opening Party!

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GračišćeSaturday, 20.6.2009.

Several times a year the main square in Gračišće becomes a stage for masters of maneštra who compete to prepare the area’s most famous spoon meal.

Depending on the time of year and the availability of ingredients, maneštra has many variations and every chef combines the ingredients to his own recipe in order to make his maneštra special and different from the rest.

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St. Francis Church, RovinjFriday, 19.6.2009. 21:00 - 11.7.2009. 21:00
5th BaRoMus - Festival of Baroque Music @ Rovinj, Istria

Friday, Jun 19th: Conserto Vago Ensemble - Villanelle alla Napoletana:
Renata Fusco - soprano;
Massimo Lonardi - lute;
Maurizio Piantelle - tiorbe
Tuesday, Jun 23rd: Francesca Bachetta: Fortepiano recital
Saturday, 27.6.2009, 20:30 - Il falso parigino ; Marinella Pennicchi - soprano; Mara Glass - harp and Crochet; Mauro Squillante - baroque mandolin

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St. Francis Church, PulaFriday, 19.6.2009. 20:00

Saxophone and piano, concert- Scene of Croatian young Musicians

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PulaFriday, 19.6.2009. - 21.6.2009.
BLACK POINT BIKERS PARTY 2009 @ Pula, Sisan, Svetica

Moto Club Black Point Pula organizes traditional POINT BLACK BIKERS PARTY 2009 to be held 19.-21.06.2009. at the new location in Sisan in the former barracks Svetica.
Free admission for bikers, free camping, bikers games, striptease, great rock bands and a lot of great fun.

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PorečFriday, 19.6.2009.
Big 1st Birthday Party @ Saint&Sinner Bar, Porec, Istria

You are all invited to celebrate first birthday of the Saint & Sinner Bar with lot of music, drummers, pretty ladies and lot of fun!

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