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June 2009.

PorečFriday, 5.6.2009. - 7.6.2009.

From 5th to 07th June Porec is host to IV. INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF Majorettes, organized by the Alliance of majorettes and pom pon - teams of Croatia. At the festival participate about 40 teams with around 1500 participants from ten countries.

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RovinjFriday, 5.6.2009. - 6.6.2009.
Rovinj Photo days @ Istria

This year, the second competition, announced as part of the photographic festival Photodays, has drawn large attention so that the number of 5200 photographs and 350 authors reported on a first competition, increased to 10,800 applications of 690 authors. In this large number of achievements were few worthless, so we can conclude that the authors had first selectors, and to choose the winners is the real honor.

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Photo Art Gallery "Batana" , RovinjThursday, 4.6.2009. - 28.6.2009.
Mundial 2009 fotofestival Rovinj - Croatia journalistic photos

Croatian journalistic photography is a project of the College of Croatian photoreporters of Journalists' Association of Croatia. Consists of the annual competition for the best photos received last year. The exhibition includes 115 photographs belonging to the best photo monography that accompanies the exhibition. The Board is made up of more than 170 members, fotocronisti professional living from photography and journalism form their image across the country. This year the competition was attended by 87 authors with 1005 photos, representing 15 newspapers, 4 photographic agencies and 1 internet portal. It is a project of photo reporters, the largest and most prestigious in Croatia.

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MedulinThursday, 4.6.2009. - 7.6.2009.
TEAR IT UP - Rockabilly Festival @ Medulin, Istria

Rockabilly festival - from 4th to 7th of June 2009. The festival will take place in scenic Medulin, near Pula (10 km), on the northern part of Croatian Adriatic sea, on the peninsula Istria. The second rock festival which gathers those who love rock music from the 1960s. Several rock bands will be in charge of building up the atmosphere, such as Rockin Bonnie, Fabulous Daddy, The Starliters, Kansas City Cryers… and DJs Marek, Miss Aloha, Sandrino, Blip Blop… Those who are interested will be able to enjoy their music for 4 whole days.

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