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July 2009.

DayLight Cocktail Bar, UmagTuesday, 28.7.2009.

DayLight round for you to celebrate ATP Umag! Enjoy!

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SvetvinčenatTuesday, 28.7.2009.
10th Festival of Dance and Non-verbal theatre @ Istria

dance & non-verbal theatre festival
san vincenti : Dance groups from Germany, Belgium, Cuba, Switzerland, Spain, Poland, Portugal, Israel and Serbia. The program will take place in two stages: on the big stage will presented works of world dance productions, and at the square te non-verbal theater artists, new circus and site-specific works. Program of the 10th Dance and Non-Verbal Theatre Festival: 27.07.2009.
21:00 Square - Presentation of Ana Maletić School for Contemporary Dance, Croatia
Film projection, choreographies performed by the pupils
21:30 Grimani Castle - Compagnie Jose Besprosvany, Belgium
22:30 Square - Ere Bistoury, USA

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Portarata , PulaMonday, 27.7.2009. 21:00

Concert: JAZZBINA SUMMER JAZZ @ Pula, Portarata, Istra
Simone Zanchini Project
Cost: Free

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MotovunMonday, 27.7.2009. - 1.8.2009.
10th Motovun Film Festival+

Partner state of this year Festival comes from the very north of Europe - this summer we are presenting the new Finnish film. As part of the programme THE NEW FINNISH FILM five of the most successfull feature films made in the last five years will be shown. Nonetheless, Finland is particularly well known for its documentaries so the special treat will be a selection of those most interesting. For the Motovun audience they will be selected by Arto Halonen, currently the most respected Finnish documentarist.
The programme is setup in cooperation with The Finnish Film Foundation and the Embassy of Finland in Zagreb.

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DayLight Cocktail Bar, UmagSunday, 26.7.2009. 22:30
Celebrities Fashion party @ DayLight, ISTRIA

Enjoy the latest collection of Croatian and world brands. Models will carry the girls employed in the DayLight, and a special presentation of the evening will be one by well-known Croatian ladies. Exclusive collection, the most sexy Croatian girls, celebrities...

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RovinjSunday, 26.7.2009.
"Boat party" No.2 @ Rovinj, ISTRA

El Presidente Club @ Rovinj, Istria, invites you to "Boat Party" No.2 ... Sunday 26.07.2009 departure - 12:00: Valdibora-Rovinj:::return - 19:00
Music crue: Dj Luca Montecchi / Acts Bebetto / Dj Danny / Dj Dave Jam / DJ Peers / Dj Danijel / Dj Tony Terlevich /DJ Lucas/ DJ Salle ...
Serves you top trained barmens from Association and staff of club El Presidente ... Entry: 70 kn

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Daylight Beach Club, UmagSaturday, 25.7.2009. 15:00
After beach party powered by Tuborg @ DayLight BC, ISTRA

Hostess, prizes, cocktails, DJ Vanja and John Šugar (Live Sax) ...
Good fun guaranteed

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PazinSaturday, 25.7.2009. 10:00 - 26.7.2009. 21:00
Lavender Festival @ Pariži, ISTRIA

Pariži is a village south of Pazin consisting of five houses only, with about twenty permanent and a few periodic inhabitants, whereby most of the villagers still bear the ancient Paris surname. Three families are occupied with the biological cultivation and the processing of lavender, and precisely that shared passion has made them join together and, in June 2009, made them start setting up a Lavender Festival for the first time, following the example of similar festivals throughout the world. Please be their guests in the time of the year when their village is the most beautiful!
And no, you don’t need to travel beyond Paris, you don’t need to leave for the French Provence to experience the magic of lavender fields. Take a fresh Istrian breath and, in July, do stop for a while in Pariži.

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PulaSaturday, 25.7.2009. 07:00
 After Mood @ Beach Bar Šćuza, Pula

Deep Marshall
Daniel Rukavina Ruki

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TC STELLA MARIS, UmagSaturday, 25.7.2009.
Macumba weekend 24. & 25. 07. @ TC Stella Maris, ISTRIA

Petak, 24. 07. - BURN party, powered by BURN energy drink
Subota, 25. 07. - BECK'S party, powered by BECK'S beer
Macumba Beach Club

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