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August 2009.

Museum Lapidarium, NovigradMonday, 31.8.2009. - 3.9.2009.
Media Scape 2009 - Infinite Games @ Novigrad, Istria

Beginning to participate in an infinite game may be involuntary, in that it doesn't require conscious thought. Continuing participation in the current round of game-play is voluntary. "It is an invariable principle of all play, finite and infinite, that whoever plays, plays freely"
participants: Suzanne Altmann (D), Cameron Bobro (SLO), Đanino Božić (HR), Luka Brajović (HR/E), Tanja Dabo (HR), Heiko Daxl (D), Luka Dekelva (SLO), Ingeborg Fülepp (HR/D), Kalle Hamm (F), Ida Hiršenfelder (SLO), Janez Janša (SLO), Susanne Kienbaum (D), Dalibor Martinis (HR), Simon Bogojević-Narath (HR), Ivica Šeremet (HR), Ksenija Orelj (HR), ć (HR/D), Goran Tomčić (HR/USA), Branka Uzur (AU/HR)
Program (more...)

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Montraker, VrsarMonday, 31.8.2009. - 14.9.2009.
Montraker Sculpture School @ Vrsar, Istria

8.00 - 12.00 & 16.00 - 19.00
Kamenolom Montraker (Quarry)
This one-year school founded in 1991 turned international in 1993 when students of the Academy of Arts from Bratislava joined the school.
This summer at the 19th international sculptors school you'll have a chance to see how sculptures are created under the guidance of one of Croatia's most renowned contemporary sculptors, Peruško Bogdanić.

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DayLight Cocktail Bar, UmagSunday, 30.8.2009.
FACEBOOK Party @ DayLight Cocktail Bar

Join, come and win a trip to Paris on the final drawing, August 30th in DayLight cocktail bar.

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Dubrova, LabinSaturday, 29.8.2009. 23:00 - 30.8.2009. 06:00
Paolo Barbato @ Park Dubrova, Labin

Paolo Barbato
Tommy Flash
Andrej & Dropi
Jan Davis & Noty Boy
Entry: 30 kuna

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Monvi Center, RovinjSaturday, 29.8.2009.
Clubbing At Privee @ Monvi Center,Rovinj

line up:
Bebetto (Monvi Center), Pula
V2 (White_noise,The New Wave), Rovinj
Soldee , BiH
free entry!

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RovinjSaturday, 29.8.2009.
PAUL YOUNG @ Rovinj, Istria

On the second day of Rovinian nights & fter the fireworks on the main city square, visitors can enjoy the unforgettable hits like "Every time you go away" and "Come Back and Stay" of legendary mega popular Paul Young & Band.

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RovinjSaturday, 29.8.2009.
Rovinj's Night

Rovinj's Night Party-pool Delfin close to Hotel Park Rovinj
Start 20,00
Line Up:
Dj Vlady (freelancer-Rovinj-myspace.com/djvlady)
Dj Barzu (EC-Monvi-Rovinj-myspace.com/barzu)
Free Entry

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Euphrasian Basilica, PorečFriday, 28.8.2009. 21:00
48th Concert Season at Basilica Euphrasiana  @ Poreč, istria

Numerous national and international classical music concerts are organized and produced in the framework of the CONCERT SEASON AT THE BASILICA OF EUFRASIUS that has been organized by the Cultural Department of the Open University for the past 45 years.

28.08.2009. Mak Grgić, guitar, Slovenia

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PulaFriday, 28.8.2009. - 30.8.2009.

29.08.2009 Saturday
14:00 Old-timer display
16:00 Defile
17:00 Stunt Show
17:30 Moto games
19:00 Best Custom Bike
19:30 Crazy cars show
23:00 THE STEP STONED (IT) - Rolling stones tribute band
(...)Free Camping & Free Entrance for bikers
Stunt show
Mud wrestling
Crazy Cars Show & more...

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RovinjFriday, 28.8.2009. - 29.8.2009.
Rovinj's Night

Rovinj's night, is a traditional event organized by the Tourist Association of Rovinj, under the auspices of the City of Rovinj. This event with a long tradition has for many years been held at the end of August. This year the Tourist Association of Rovinj for all guests and citizens of Rovinj prepared an attractive musical program - a sort of music treat for all music lovers.
The theme of the first day of Rovinian nights, which will take place on Friday August 28th starting at 20.00h, is the fishing tradition. During the evening visitors will be able to listen to Klapa Bonaca and the bend Le Monde in the Marshal Tito Square. At the same time in the Riviera Square Batana folk band, band Prijatelji, Party band, and KUD Marco Garbin will perform, while at the attractive location in the street Grisia performance of Klapa Sveti Petar will take place. A distinctive feature of this Evening of fishing tradition is now traditional launch of one of the three batanas which were renovated during the summer months, and whose restoration all visitors and citizens of Rovinj could watch live in the evenings. All three batanas are named after the cities with which the town of Rovinj signed the Twinning Charter. The first batana was already launched on July 26th, 2009. The owner of the aforementioned batana is Rovinian Sbisá Angelo, and is named Adria. Batana of the Rovinian fishermen Zovich Riccardo named Camaiore will be launched on August 28th. The third and the last batana, batana Leonberg, will be launched during the Forum of Mediterranean Maritime Museums, which will be held in Rovinj from 21/09 – 23/09/2009.

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