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September 2009.

Giardini, PulaMonday, 21.9.2009. 10:00 - 14:00
Istrafest 09 Gastro

Gastronomic event organizes at Giardini, with lot of Istria 's delicacies presented on stands.

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MedulinSunday, 20.9.2009.

Medulin: Financa-Puntice - a traditional and memorial rowing competition with participants from Medulin and other Croatian cities. The competitors, in the categories from cadets to veterans, compete in regatta boats in the skiff, double and quad disciplines. This regatta also marks the end of the water sports season.

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Saint & Sinner, PorečSaturday, 19.9.2009. - 21.9.2009.
Davis Cup After Party @ SAINT & SINNER

Davis Cup After Party with Dj Diamond Cutz feat. Mr. Edin Haliti (drums)

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Saturday, 19.9.2009. - 21.9.2009.
50th Tour of Istria

24 national teams from Europe, Asia and South America will start in front of the ancient Arena. Pula, as the host of this year’s jubilant race “50th Tour of Istria”. In this jubilant meeting the race confirms itself in the sporting world with an international reputation, thus making this edition eagerly awaited because once again Istria will become a gathering place for future cycling aces.

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DayLight Cocktail Bar, UmagSaturday, 19.9.2009.
Closing Party @ DayLight, Istria

You've been invited at the Closing Party in a cocktail bar Daylight on Saturday, 19.09.2009 . DayLight will treat all guests with a discount of 20% on all drinks ...

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BuzetFriday, 18.9.2009. - 20.9.2009.
28th BUZETSKI DANI 2009 @ ISTRIA, Croatia

AMK Buzet has successfully been organising the international hill climb race "Buzetski Dani" for 27 years, which is an integral part of the city's September celebrations and takes place on the legendary road Most - Penicici. This automobile event has over almost three decades been given many prizes and the number of spectators, over 15 thousand every year, as well as the competitors claim it one of the best sports events of its kind in our country.

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Sports Hall Žatika, PorečFriday, 18.9.2009. - 20.9.2009.
The Davis Cup semifinals by BNP Paribas: Croatia – Czech Republic,

The Davis Cup semifinals by BNP Paribas, Croatia – Czech Republic, are being held in Poreč, the hosting town and a co-organizer of the tennis spectacle, from 18th until 20th September 2009.
The town of Poreč is hosting the Davis Cup World Group by BNP Paribas and justifies the definition of the most sportsman-like town, of the world's very important tourist as well as sports destination.

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BujeFriday, 18.9.2009. - 20.9.2009.
Grapes Festival - "Na Bakhovom dvoru"

One of the oldest festivals in Istria with a hundred year old tradition, used to mark the beginning of grape picking season.This year's celebration starts on Friday evening with open wine cellars in the old town nucleus. Everyone will be able to take their pick among various three-day events comprising numerous sports, cultural and entertainment programmes. The most attractive events are the string of allegoric carriages of winemakers from Buje, the funny donkey race and barefoot women pressing grapes in a special barrel. Together with tasting must, you will see how must used to be transported on the old Istrian cart and taken to wine cellars for further processing.

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NovigradThursday, 17.9.2009. - 19.9.2009.
5th Photo ex-tempore

Project is conceived as a cultural tourist event, which evaluates the artistic vision of photography. Meaning of the Latin word "ex tempore" = at the moment. This meaning was the base of the project. Around eighty photographers from around the world come every year at the end of September for several days in Novigrad, where events take place.

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RovinjThursday, 17.9.2009. - 19.9.2009.
Weekend media festival @ Rovinj, Istria

* Exposure to new trends by world recognized speakers
* Regional similarities and diversities in the media world
* Networking with regional experts from media, marketing and PR
* Company/product/business model promotion
* Business opportunities
* Party, party, party

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