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September 2009.

Church of St. Euphemia , RovinjSaturday, 12.9.2009. 21:00
9th MEETING OF CHOIRS  @ Rovinj, Istria

Traditional choirs meeting in St. Eufemia Church. Starts at 9 PM.

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Monvi Center, RovinjSaturday, 12.9.2009.

Location: Monvi Center - Amphitheater - Pool bar
Start: 22 pm, End: 05 h

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PulaSaturday, 12.9.2009.
 HEINEKEN Closing Party @ Valkane Beach Bar


Start; 18h
Free entry!

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RabacSaturday, 12.9.2009. - 13.9.2009.
9. Fiat X 1/9 Bertone Croatia tour @ Istra

Oldtimer meeting in Rabac, Istria.

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BarbanSaturday, 12.9.2009.
4th Feast of Fig and Smokvenjak

In honour of fig – the queen of autumn the municipality of Barban organizes 4rd Feast of Fig and Smokvenjak on September 12th with exhibition of figs and products made of figs (smokvenjak (fig cake), brandy, vinegar, jam…), Istrian souvenirs of the Barban area and the whole Istria region. The event will commence take place at the Barban square.

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BuzetSaturday, 12.9.2009.
"Subotina" & OLD WAY "SUBOTINA" @ Buzet, Istra ( Istria )

12.09. - Subotina with giant omelette with truffles
13.09. - "Subotina" is a program of cultural and tourist revitalization of Old Town Buzet, which includes several segments: culture, entertainment, hotels, restaurants, eno, ethno and other offers - designed in a way that presents the entire life of the old Buzet at the turn of the 19th in 20th Century (costumes, food, drinks, products, music, customs ...).

Organizers:Town BUZET, POU "Augustin Vivoda" BUZET, TOC BUZET

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Theatre Gandusio , RovinjFriday, 11.9.2009. 21:00
Gandusiana - The Vandermark 5 (USA)

Tim Daisy: drums / Kent Kessler: acoustic bass / Fred Lonberg-Holm: cello and electronics / Dave Rempis: alto and tenor saxophone / Ken Vandermark: tenor saxophone and Bb clarinet
Ken Vandermark formed his quintet, the VANDERMARK 5, during the spring of 1996. Since that time it has been a major outlet for compositional and improvisational ideas that have been fascinating its leader, whose thinking has been developed through years of work with groups like the NRG Ensemble, AALY, the Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet, Free Music Ensemble, School Days, Free Fall, the Territory Band, Powerhouse Sound, Frame Quartet, and the Resonance Ensemble- the members of which represent an international gallery of the cutting edge of contemporary music.

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BuzetFriday, 11.9.2009. 19:00 - 12.9.2009.

- THE SHAMROCK(opatija)
- FRONTALNI UDAR (pula/punk)
- POZDRAV AZRI (zagreb)...(leiner + hrnjak)
- ATHEIST RAP (novi sad,srbija)
14th PETKOTINA - Free entry - Free camping

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Club Monte Serpente, PulaThursday, 10.9.2009. 21:00
CULINARY NIGHT @ Monte Serpente

Marceta best Istrian wines and Istrian ham
Gastro socializing with Malvasia and Teran, the Istrian ham and Accordion players Live!

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St. Andrew Island, RovinjThursday, 10.9.2009. - 12.9.2009.

Presentation of leading Croatian event agencies through creative event concepts on exclusive locations on St. Andrew's Island.

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