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February 2010.

Aruba Club, PulaSaturday, 27.2.2010. 23:00 - 28.2.2010. 05:00

DJ DIAMOND CUTZ, Saint&Sinner resident this Saturday at Aruba:::Pula::: Istria!

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Aruba Club, PulaSaturday, 27.2.2010.
PROGRAM: Aruba Club @ Pula, Istra

20.02. SATURDAY ARUBA Clubbin '& Latin House::: guest: Manuel Lupen (PERCUSSION & DJSET)
27.02. SATURDAY NIGHT RESIDENT & GUEST Dj Diamond CUTZ (Saint & Sinner, Jimmy Woo)
Every Friday On the upper floor BAR - CLUB ARUBA: 24 + music of 70 '80' 90

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PazinFriday, 26.2.2010. - 27.2.2010.
Honey Days @ Istria

The case with the choice of beekeeper that is honeymaker is the same as with a café and your favourite coffee brand. You choose once and never change. In her time, Empress Maria Theresa proclaimed beekeeping a protected craft. “...In order to popularize beekeeping among our people, it is exempt from any tax or toll for all times...”, stands in the Patent on beekeeping from 1775.

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Night club "Shakakha", RovinjFriday, 26.2.2010. - 27.2.2010.
Program  @ CLUB "SHAKAKHA", Istria

26.02: Vip Band (Rovinj)
27.02: House Night whit Dj Ello

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Rock Caffe, PulaThursday, 25.2.2010. - 26.2.2010.
Rock Caffe 1 & 2 @ Pula, Istria

25.02.2010. - Todor Antistand Up Show
26.02.2010. - The Night Express (Pula)

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20.02.2010. / Saturday/ 21:00
House of Croatian defenders, Pula

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NovigradSunday, 14.2.2010. 15:30
Carnival @ Novigrad, Istria

Cranival parade in Novigrad, Istria

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CerovljeSunday, 14.2.2010. - 16.2.2010.
Carnival @ Cerovlje, Istria

Always fun, come and join the lively crowd! Don't forget the Valentine's spirit!

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Fontana Square, BuzetSunday, 14.2.2010.
Buzet Carnival 2010

The central event in Buzet is certainly the masked procession that brings together some thousand masked participants and dozens of allegorical floats both from the Buzet region and surrounding areas…

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Sports hall, KaštelirSaturday, 13.2.2010. - 14.2.2010.
Valentines day in Kaštelir 2010.

Borough Kaštelir-Labinci is organizing an exhibition of extra virgin oil and wine „Valentine Kaštelir 2010 in sports hall“Kaštelir“ from 13th to 14th of February(Saturday and Sunday). This year there will be a lot of participants (Slovenian's and Italian's among others) which can on exhibiton stand present their own product, and those will be graded and rewarded.

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