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May 2010.

PorečWednesday, 12.5.2010. - 16.5.2010.

Traditionally, the ESDU World Dance Masters 2010 will be held in Poreč (Croatia).
The City of Poreč showed itself as a perfect host for this show, with its location, surroundings and a unique ability to unite all the needs of the competitors in one area.
This year, we expect an even greater number of participants from all around the world, whose presence will turn Poreč into a real "dance paradise" for 5 days.

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Rock Club Uljanik, PulaFriday, 7.5.2010. 22:00

Banquet of the Spirits features the tight new quartet led by maestro Cyro Baptista - the fabulous percussionist who has performed with everyone from Herbie Hancock and Yo-Yo Ma to Laurie Anderson, Paul Simon and Medeski, Martin and Wood. Cyro's endless sonic curiosity and intense rhythmic drive has never been stronger in these fabulous and imaginative original songs. Featuring three of the best young musicians out of the downtown scene and some very special guests, the music jumps from a whisper to a scream and never misses a beat. Delightful music from one of the world's greatest and most adventurous Brazilian musicians.
Cyro Baptista - percussion, vocals
Brian Marsella - piano, keyboards, balafon
Tim Keiper - drums, percussion
Shanir Blumenkranz - acoustic/electric bass, oud, gimbre

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The historical Museum of Istria, PulaThursday, 6.5.2010. 21:00 - 7.5.2010. 00:01

VOCALS:Samanta Pužar Mauzer, Tasha, Zoran Mučić (Debac), Franko Krajcar, Vedran Svetek, Irena Kuhar
BASS: Mladen Parezanović (Cruz), Milovan Davor (Bili), Davor Vujić (Čina), Tea Tidić
GUITAR/VOCALS: Mauro Giorgi (Mifra), Alen Špada, Amir Hodžić (Muha), Nenad Jurcan (Neno), Adrijano Lampalov (Banila), Mimi King
STRING INSTRUMENTS:Milan Grbić, Nensi Krupić
KEYBOARD:Sandro Božić, Leon Brenko, Dean Kulić
DRUMS/PERCUSSION:Roberto Legović (Lego), Andrej Barac, Nikica Duraković, Goran Salvi
Robi Mikuljan, Branko Sterpin, Loris Quargual, Zoran Vujić, Nataša Dragun, Gordan Poropat
SHOW LEADER: Zoran Todorović (Todor)
SPECIAL GUEST: Miroslav Mocko

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Caffe Bar Zen, PulaSaturday, 1.5.2010. 22:00
Concert: BOJAN Jambrošić @ Zen, Istra

Saturday 01.05. , a new star from new talent show Croatia Seeks for the Star - Bojan Jambrošić! The concert starts at 22:00 and till then you will be entertained by DJ NINO.

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Fažana School of Salting Pilchard

Fažana fishing academy ‘Pilchard’ opens up its doors to land and sea! An especially interesting activity is its ‘School of salting pilchard’. It is a chance to try your hand at this old skill of the sea, cellar and kitchen, stand by the competitors who in marked tin containers arrange salted pilchard, using their knowledge handed down from generation to generation... Children, locals, visitors, beginners and experts: they will all learn or say something about the needed amount of fish, salt, oil, spices... And after three months the tin containers will be opened and the best salted pilchard will be announced. A special occasion for tasting and a chance to talk about the choice of perfect wine for such festive occasions… In any case, the fish must be salted properly! And to know that, school is needed.

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