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June 2010.

Castle Morosini-Grimani, SvetvinčenatSaturday, 19.6.2010. 21:00
Franko Krajcar and band Indivia

Group members:
Franko Krajcar, Mauro Giorgi - Mifra, Roberto Legović - Lego, Zoran Milan, Mladen Parezanović - Cruz and Dean instructed - Kole, Irena Kuhar, Samanta PUŽAR-Mauzer and Denis Budim - the sound and scene

Organization: Rock Caffe Pula.

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TC STELLA MARIS, UmagSaturday, 19.6.2010. 21:00

Concert of famous Croatian singers Oliver Dragojević i Petar Grašo- ITC Stella Maris Umag

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Mojito Club, RovinjSaturday, 19.6.2010. 16:00 - 20.6.2010. 06:00
SUMMER SEASON Opening Party @ MOJITO Club (Rovinj)

OFFICIAL SEASON OPENING @ Mojito Club 19.06.2010 All Day Party!!!
Daily program /// AFTER BEACH PARTY 16:00 - 20:00
- DJ BarZu, hostesses and promotional price of Aperol spritz...
Night program /// - Exclusive House Session with Croatians House Godfather IVAN MASTERMIX!!!
- Free Entry!

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GračišćeSaturday, 19.6.2010.
Istrian 'maneštra' festival

Several times a year the main square in Gračišće becomes a stage for masters of maneštra who compete to prepare the area’s most famous spoon meal. Depending on the time of year and the availability of ingredients, maneštra has many variations and every chef combines the ingredients to his own recipe in order to make his maneštra special and different from the rest.

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VrsarFriday, 18.6.2010. - 20.6.2010.
Tandem eXtreme

Experience Vrsar from 4000 m altitude! Arrange yours first tandem jump or buy and present someone who you like for unforgettable adventure on blue sky!

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St. Francis Church, RovinjSaturday, 12.6.2010. 21:00
St. Francis Church Concert

Concert - Chamber Choir Rubino and Accordion Orchestra Stanko Mihovilić-Pula, will perform at St. Francis in Rovinj.
Conductor: Tatjana Lajić
Organization: POU Rovinj

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HumSaturday, 12.6.2010. 11:00
Town of Hum Celebration - the smallest town in the world

According to legend Hum, the medieval town also known as the smallest town in the world, was founded completely by chance. Giants that were at the time building neighboring towns in the Mirna River valley decided to use the few remaining rocks and build a miniature town. This little town hasn't changed much over the centuries, and it seems as if even today the narrow stone-paved streets echo the tales of ancient knights. Each year on the Day of Hum all men from the parish elect their prefect in the municipal loggia according to the old tradition, by engraving votes on the wooden stick known as ‘raboš’. The town prefect is responsible for his parish, for settling disputes among residents and imposing penalties for disorderly conduct in Hum and the surrounding villages. And then to top it all, the election is followed by a folk festival where in the untouched, wonderful surrounding there is a chance to taste both the finest traditional dishes and well-known homemade wine and brandy. Hum is also the mecca of Croatian Glagolitism where you can see the first monuments and trace the very beginnings of Croatian literacy, as well as get to know the old Croatian alphabet ‘glagoljica’.

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LA PLAYA, Monvi, RovinjFriday, 11.6.2010. 22:00 - 13.6.2010. 06:00
Sex en la playa & Corona&Tequila  PARTY

Sex en la playa (Friday) & Corona & Tequila (Saturday) party.
Sex en la playa - DJ Gaby
Corona & Tequila Party - DJ Nikola z Kukurini
Hostess, gifts, dance & fun!

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Aruba Club, PulaFriday, 11.6.2010. 19:00 - 12.6.2010. 05:00
Aruba Club Summer Terrace

The opening of the Aruba Club' summer terrace with The Night Express Band

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PorečThursday, 10.6.2010. - 17.6.2010.
Dance and Discover Istria

Dance with the renowned masters in Latin-American dances Alice Guschelbauer and Balázs Ekker, stars of the Austrian TV show "Dancing with the Stars". For the first time in Porec, attractive couple will share their skill during the summer to dance with the guests in a hotel in Porec Valamar Club Tamaris and Valamar Diamant. Boogie to Latin dances: salsa, cha cha cha, mambo ....

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