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December 2011.

UmagThursday, 22.12.2011. - 24.12.2011.
Christmas Fair

Umag, Atrium POU
Fair, Santa Claus and a lot of fun for kids and adults.

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Max Magnus, PazinThursday, 22.12.2011.
DRAMA #2 @ Magnus

22.12. (Thursday) Magnus opens the door to another DRAMA this season. For the first day of holidays, breaks and "freedom", the host Motovunski creates a rich program (...)

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Istrian National Theatre, PulaTuesday, 20.12.2011.
Gregorian Concert

The unique German choir, THE GREGORIAN, conducted by Frank Peterson, the creator of the project Enigma, will hold a spectacular Christmas concert.

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Oliver Dragojević and Stjepan Hauser

Oliver and Stjepan Hauser in Istrian National Theatre - Municipal Theatre Pula 19th December (in 20:00) to promote their joint album

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Sveti LovrečSunday, 18.12.2011. - 6.1.2012.
Living Nativity

St. Lovreč - medieval Istrian town is an ideal backdrop for the staging of the birth of the little Jesus, the view of people and activities of those ancient times, the work of human hands, animals were monitored and alive.

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Sunday, 11.12.2011.
Walking and cycling tour on the Parenzana trace

To mark the 109th anniversary of the first train ride from Buje to Poreč along the old Parenzana railway (15th December 1902), the Tourist board of Buje is preparing a tour of walking and cycling from Buje to Grožnjan and back, following that same train route, now renewed and used for recreation. The tour starts at 10 a.m. from behind the old railway station in Buje, and refreshment for all participants will be available throughout the route.

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PazinSaturday, 10.12.2011.
PAZIN waking up

Youth Club 'Pazin organizes event "PAZIN waking up," which will put the emphasis on music as one of the biggest cultural and sub-cultural links between young people.
Performing: Hello Azra (Zg), Pullover (Osijek), Moscow (Rijeka), Noga Uganda (Labin), Midnight Rain (Pazin)
Ticket price: 39,00 kn - Place: Tent in old army barracks

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TarSaturday, 10.12.2011.
Exhibition of olive oil

Tourist Board and the Municipality of Tar-Vabriga organize the - exhibition of olive oil in Tar with the special program. Tar is the place where is launched a project - The House of olive oil - multimedia Istrian Ecomuseum dedicated to growing olives.

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Max Magnus, PazinSaturday, 10.12.2011. - 11.12.2011.
Opening of the winter season with

Disco bar Kukuriku begin this winter season with the tones of the band Teška industrija (The Heavy industry).

Join the grand opening, along with numerous prizes and many surprises.

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Theatre Hall, PorečThursday, 8.12.2011. 20:00
Jasna Bilusic Concert

Jasna Bilusic graduated as an actor and dramaturge from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb, and excellent jazz singer. She is a member of Komedija Theatre Company, where she has performed, both in plays and musicals.

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