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April 2011.

Memorial Centre Pazin, PazinSaturday, 30.4.2011. 20:00
Dubioza Concert

Concert Dubioza Kolektiv at Spomen dom Pazin. Seven members of Dubioza collective from Bosnia and Herzegovina (base, drums, guitar, gramophone and 3 MC´s) inimitably mix hip-hop with reggae, rock , dub beats and Bosnian folklore. Their concerts are as strong and full of energy. Ticket price 60kuna.

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SRC Pristav, KršanFriday, 29.4.2011. - 1.5.2011.
Wild Plant Festival

Through interesting lectures and workshops, visitors will have the chance of learning the purpose and the way to use wild plants in cooking as well as in phytotherapy. Various educational and professional programs will give you new knowledge about the culinary use of comestible wild plants, their nutritive value and medicinal characteristics and a small part will even be transferred to a suitable gastronomical table with real Istrian delicacies accompanied by homemade wine and musical events.

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Ex TDR, RovinjFriday, 29.4.2011. - 1.5.2011.

29th April 2011.
Rovinj - Camp Amarin
Luke Montecchi
DJ Sylvain
Natalie Peris
Map: 50 kuna / purchased at the entrance /
30th April 2011.
Rovinj - Former factory TDR
DJ Sylvain
DJ Mike Vale
DJ Barzo
DJ Mr.Marley Prodje & Live Sax
Presale: 99 kuna cafe PIMP Pula and Pazin Magnus bar / 119 kuna Eventim presale / 149 kuna on the day of Event
The 1st May 2011.
Rovinj - Camp AMARIN
DJ Mike Vale
DJ Beltek
Entrance: 50 kuna / purchased at the entrance /

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GračišćeMonday, 25.4.2011.
Presentation of wines produced in the central Istria

Presentation of wines produced in the central Istria and all day long wine tastings in konobas. The exhibition of wines of Central Istria, proclamation of best wines, whole day wine tasting in typical restaurants of Gračišće with evening entertainment programme

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RovinjMonday, 25.4.2011. - 3.5.2011.
Celebrating Easter and Labor Day in Rovinj

Special program for Easter
23rd 04 2011- 10.30 to 12.30 - Hotel Adriatic: duo Eligio & Maurizio
10.00 - Free city tour with a guide. Gathering in front of the Tourist Association of Rovinj - Rovigno.
15.00 - Free bicycle ride with a guide.
Gathering in front of the Tourist Association of Rovinj - Rovigno
24th 04 2011th - 10.00 to 12.00 square Valdibora: folk group Batana
10.30 to 12.30 Hotel Adriatic: duo Davor and Gracijan Terzic
25th 04 2011 - 10.30 to 12.30 Hotel Adriatic: duo D & D
Regatta 22nd - 25.04.2011.
Rovinj waters: 18 Regatta Chioggia - Rovinj - Chioggia
28th 04 - 03 05 2011 - Rovinj waters: 27 Regatta Pesaro - Rovinj - Pesaro
29th 04 - 01 05 2011 - City Centre - Sports and entertainment event in which participate citizens of Rovinj and their guests.
Celebration of Labor Day - 01 05 2011th Zlatni rt - special entertainment and a rich gastronomic offer.

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Monvi Center, RovinjSunday, 24.4.2011. 22:00 - 25.4.2011. 05:00
TNG & Monvi pres. LUCCA

Unique (TNG Productions)
Deep Marshall (TNG Productions)
Bebetto (Monvi Center)
Entry: 70 kn

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LabinSaturday, 23.4.2011. 20:30

Traditional Easter Festival and 15th anniversary of Radio Labin.
Tickets: 39 kn

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Friday, 22.4.2011. - 24.4.2011.
Through Istria - Nations Cup

This year's race will bring together 126 young cyclists from twenty national team. The first stage goes on 22nd April from Rovinj to Buzet total length of 97 kilometers, the second phase is scheduled for Saturday 23rd April from Umaga to Labin length of 90 kilometers, while the third final stage of the program on Sunday 24th April between Pula Vrsar-length 115 kilometara.Organizator: BK-Loborika Favourite team.

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Lamparna, LabinFriday, 22.4.2011.

As a guest at the final event of the Back2Rave series will be Dutch DJ and producer Applescal.
Residents are already well-known Peter Dundov, Zero from Zagreb and Seraphim Codex from Bjelovar.

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House of Croatian defenders, PulaTuesday, 19.4.2011. - 22.4.2011.
International Encounter of Accordionists

Pula, Dom hrvatskih branitelja (Croatian Defenders House)
36thcompetition of soloists, chamber groups and orchestras

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